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  1. imagine if booze had the same social stigma as weed. someone has a glass of wine with dinner? clearly they're a drunken slob who beats their loved ones!

  2. hope your friend's doing okay

  3. come baaaaaaack!

  4. hehe he will be

    he went over there for a girl and then we just didn't hear back from him for ages, so no one knew if he was ever coming back or not

  5. haha yeah i'm a slacker

    i just keep forgetting about them - Duncan's been off in Austria for the past few months

  6. wellington rules

    i spent my day off yesterday chilling out at oriental parade beach then went home (just round the corner in mt vic) and drank the night away ^_^

  7. a global now huh?

    congrats sir :)

  8. dammit i got strange looks at work when i laughed my ass off after reading your sig

  9. well i had to be reminded by Archie of all people, but none the less congrats! :)

  10. oh yeah, the Kellerkinder album is out

    did you still want a copy?

  11. what an awesome way to 'compliment' someone

  12. ha! archie called you a lizard :p

  13. a masquerade huh? very cool

    i'm off to a fetish ball next month. should be fun ^_^

  14. love the sig

    awesome movie :)

  15. i'm all outta booze at the moment

    drank it all at the party the other night and haven't restocked yet

  16. obsessed much?

    i really don't see the appeal. i mean, i only saw the trailers, but from what i saw, i pity any epileptic people that see it

  17. heya speed junkie :p

  18. Krezzy's back!

    happy days and jubilation

    this gives me an excuse to DRINK

  19. i'm moving into a new place on saturday

    FINALLY! ^_^

  20. hey that's quite a cool pic :)

    the temple thingy on the unown world in KOTOR1

  21. aw no sad faces allowed!

    nah i'm just tired coz i went out last night and had work this morning

  22. i can't stop yawning

    i blame you! :p

  23. 4 count

    i remember most of it, but i'm rusty as hell

  24. ha! i have a friend who wants me to show them how to do the Hustle

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