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  1. Looks like madalores winning! ***Sadly***
  2. I miss that armor its sooooo kool!
  3. Lol happens to me alot that kida stuff... On accident lol!
  4. You should play as a new character and have the choice of becoming any type of alien and custumizing that would be sweet!
  5. Lol hes a cry baby like Carth lol!
  6. If only I could get Malaks armor lol! Its soooo hard to get in KOTOR2!!!
  7. Not that credits are hard to get but hey its easy money lol!
  8. Go to... www.gamefaqs.com Thats all you need to know!
  9. P.S. I dont feal sorry! I always wanted my own dacing Twilek!
  10. Like I said you must start the Mini quest first... By going to the apartments and talking to the twilek there!!! Then talk to the Twilek RIGHT NEXT TO THE DANCING STAGE!!!
  11. That could be true... He did take on 3 HK-50s so he would easyly kill HK-47!
  12. Lol Mandalore seems to be winning!
  13. Did you know you can buy a Dancing twilek?! On telos you can! You can talk to her and stuff and she even gives you her earnings! Deoending on the period of time it can range up to 1000's of credits!!! ***WARNING*** This effect is a darkside effect! How... Simply look around the apartment area for a twilek... Talk to him about freeing his GF... Then go to the bar talk to owner of her and buy her for 2000 credits! Just tell her youll be back for her earning!!! Enjoy!
  14. OMG! Awarness by far! Helps influence characters!
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