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  1. I think Kreia makes really no since shes just stupid she is a Sith but she wants to destroy the force? All Sith wish to do is become more powerful! Therefore she isnt a Sith! P.S. Darth Sion turns good at the end right?
  2. No! hes only a HK-47 model theres HK-50s out there you know!
  3. Black. JK... Cyan or Vidion or whatever its called!
  4. Dont use auto level up! Use manual its easy to gain influence for other characters!
  5. Yea the same thing happened to me... Its just so pathetic! What are they just trying to make the game hard or something because its extremely easy!
  6. T3? I dont get it... This is crazy!
  7. Cool... But her eyes should be all white, lol!
  8. Personally I think Mira is the toughest character... Not only physically but mentally!
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