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  1. Meh, I must have not read it as thoroughly as I'd thought. Anyway, I don't see how two instances like this could ruin an entire game, and I mean, Revan WAS a Sith at one time, so, well, I didn't think it was a bug, but that's just me.
  2. No this isn't a problem. If you tell Atton he's must have been stuck in his cell too long and that Revan was a guy, then the rest of the story will portray him as a guy. If you tell Atton that he's crazy, again, and that Revan redeemed herself/hisself than the game will play out as if Revan went to the light side. It just has to do with the conversation coices you pick.
  3. On Dxun when you send the three people from your group to take out the Sith, you are given detonator packs to destroy the sensor thingy. Well, thos detonator packs apparently just take up space in your inventory cause I can't figure out how to use them on the sensor. It's kinda gay, since Atton<---my skills dude for this mission, has no ability in repair so he can't disable it.
  4. That's coming in a second patch a couple of days from now. It was too big to put in this patch. A dev recently stated this in the big topic about the patch.
  5. Hopefully this is the first of several patches, culminating in restoration of quests and maybe even some cut content, such as the HK quest which was kind of a let down. Even if they don't put the HK quest in, they should just delete all the dialogue options for that quest. It would make the game seem a lot cleaner.
  6. "Lets say 10 people buy 1 pizza, and 2 of them have 8 slices, and the other 8 have 6 slices, does that mean the pizza place are thiefs?" @_@
  7. What I wanted my Exile to look like, but went with the jesus face instead lol.
  8. Plotwise, I think it would be cool, if we go by the cut information that was supposed to be at the end of KotOR II, you are one of the force users who is directed to the Outer Rim by the Disciple/Handmaiden. You have to find Darth Revan or the Exile and then get to choose either side to join, Exile or Revan. Then you fight a huge battle in the Outer Rim versus the REAL Sith who come back to try to conquer the galaxy and in the process you get beaten back to the border worlds where you meet up with some old pals from the earlier games. I don't know, just thinking.
  9. Heh, I'd like to see a pic of HK-47 doing just about anything. I love that huggable assassin/protocol/sleazy/lots of other things droid.
  10. Not that simple Eh? Whoever told you this is wrong. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ouch, shot down. HAH!
  11. Yeah man. If you can do so than please, remaster it. I'll download it and I believe you'll get a whole lot of others who do so too.
  12. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Man, I think somehow my Override folder got deleted. I can find the folder in KotOR but not in KotOR II. I tried creating my own Override folder but that didn't work. *sigh* Sometimes I hate computers.
  13. Actually, I found the dueling style to work really well on my one on one boss battles. I did alot more damage than with the default style.
  14. Hm, where is the Override folder located at please? I can't seem to find it. Also, maybe this same tactic could be used to solve the other "missing" quests in the game. Have you done this with any others?
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