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  1. Bao Dur, HandMaiden, Atton, Visas, Diciple and Mira can become jedi. And you can convert all of them as both LS and DS it doesnt matter which enlignment you are. You just need some skills in playing the game :p


    I disagree it seems to me it is impossible to get all of your companions to change if you are DS you at least cannot be a DS master to do it. It seems that the only person who you can reverse influence is Atton. Everyone else you need to make LS choices in order to get them to gain influence with you. Once you do that there are not enough oppurtunitty's in the game to get DS points to become a DS master and still have all of the companions be Jedi. I have tried it 3 time now and it seems impossible.

    I always convert them all into Jedi and I normally play DS. You can also convert them into Jedi if loose a lot of influence on them. If I want to chose LS options, to gain influence on them, then I do Nar Shadda as my second planet: there are plenty of places to gain influence on LS party members there and it leaves you a lot of time to regain DS mastery later on.


    exactly. What's a handful of LS points for influence, when corrupting them into dark jedi allows you to show your true DS colors? Sure, you gotta be nice at times, but when they fall, they do so completely. :blink:


    Getting Bao-Dur and Atton as dark jedi was very satsifying (especially hearing Atton's story), and pulling Disciple down too was great.

  2. I thought the ending was fine -- reminded me of Episode V in that

    the Exile went to face Traya/Sion alone, as Luke did in facing the Emperor/Vader -- except here, you also took on a Sith army!



    I don't know what I would have liked to have seen after the last cut, but I was satisfied (reminded me of ESB here too), and immediately started my second playthrough as a DSer.

  3. Bodee Rahk'rr, male LS sentinel/Jedi Master -- otherwise known as "tha Freak-Nasty Bodyrocker Jones" or "bodrock", a nickname and handle I've been using for years.


    Ayla Seraph, female DS consular/Sith Lord -- it sounded nice, and she ain't no angel.


    my next game will star Jahnee Bindo, male Jedi Consular -- dunno yet if he'll be neutral, light or dark, but since I miss Jolee, here's an example of what can happen when you "pull a Bindo" >_<

  4. I just wanted to ask the people who are in love with this game and like it as much/(better??? : o) than the first one, what is it about this game that gives you the same/better experience than KotOR?


    I'm just trying to understand if most people are that willing to either ignore or make up for in their own minds the many pointed out flaws in this game.


    I know as for my own opinion, it is extremely disappointing, has an awful storyline, the single worst ending I've ever seen in a game, sooooo many plot holes, and is buggy as hell.


    To me, the storyline was by far the best quality of KotOR, and the game was polished and created with an almost unheard of quality.



    I stopped reading right there. ;)


    KOTOR1 was polished? Man......KOTOR2 ain't nearly as polished as it should be either, but the first game was far from perfect if we're talking about bugs/glitches/performance.



    Anyway, I can't say I prefer this one to the original, but I have been hooked on this game for the last 80+ hours, forsaking all other games (and I've bought plenty to keep me busy after I'm completely done with this game). I did something similar with the first as well.


    I'm not disappointed -- sure, I wish the game was polished to perfection. I wish the devs hadn't been pushed for sucha quickie release date and added all the things they wanted or perfected things that they did. But as it is, it is still the most engrossing RPG I've played since the first game, including all the RPGs I own for the PS2 -- I'd say these two games rank up there with all-time console classics.


    As I've said before, I enjoy the story for it's darker, more introspective feel -- the first game had more of an epic feel to it, but I don't feel this one's story dulls in comparison -- I could easily see why some would prefer it. I do prefer KOTOR2's LS ending to the first game's though, and I may be the minority here. The first game's LS ending was definitely reminiscient of Episode IV, happy happy, but I preferred the DS ending. I also enjoyed roleplaying the darkside in the first game much more -- for me, Revan was a darkside female that could not be redeemed.


    With KOTOR2, I'm finding I enjoyed the LS a bit more -- sure, I'm getting that evil-enjoyment of perverting my party members, manipulating others, and killing lots, but for this story, I felt the story fit well with the Exile being a male lightsider, finding redemption....


    I don't know if I'll be playing a 3rd time immediately after, but I plan on it eventually!

  5. It's true that most of my favorites happen to be available for PC. However, since I don't enjoy gaming on my PC, it doesn't affect me. It seems to only be a factor for those attempting to justify not buying the Xbox to themselves, and that's fine. But if you think all it has to offer is PC-ports and PS2-also releases, you're talkin out yer ass.


    Can't wait for JADE EMPIRE. And NINJA GAIDEN is nearly perfect. :-

  6. oh, And as for the

    endgame at Malachor V, I thought it made sense for the Exile to go it alone, to face off with Kreia.....as Luke had done to face Vader and the Emperor.

    I would have welcomed their help and companionship, of course, but it was still pretty sick to kick some ass all by yer lonesome. :-

  7. ....

    Also people feel that the DS quests in the game are simply bullying and mean. Many that have played KOTOR 1 said that the DS plot needs to be changed. Did Obsidian listen. No. Why because there was no reason to to change it because everyones going to buy the game anyway.


    There are for example uncomplete plots in the game like the HK-47 voiceprint quest. Unfinished I am told because Obsidian wanted to finish them game quick so that quest was cut and some of it still left.


    Lets not forget the undynamic ending. Either way of you playing DS or LS the ending is the same. People liked the different endings in KOTOR 1. I hear people telling others that the ending is the same both ways and people here have expressed they will not even bother then to play the DS. The main point of the DS quest is to have a different outcome from the LS.


    There are alot of glitches too. But the glitches are not the large problem like I said. The above is.


    Even if the endings are for the most part identical (from what I've read -- I'm doing DS right now, just before the Ravager), it's allzabout the JOURNEY for me. The story and the roleplaying experience has been completely different from my first playthrough as a Pillar of Light, and I think this is a big difference than KOTOR's original straight-up bullying. Sure, that means of DS-cruelty are still there, but the ability to twist your party members' emotions to make them dark jedi? There was nothing even remotely similar in the original. Sure, you could clean out your crew, but what's more evil? Killing them, or bending them to your will?


    It would've been nice to have HK's quest, and more sidequests for the party members, but I feel their stories and the NPCs themselves were much better integrated to this game's story.


    If someone misses out on the roleplaying experience of the other end of the Force spectrum -- their loss, I say.


    My only gripes with this game is that it needed more polish. I never experienced a game-breaking glitch/bug, and I've been playing it for about 80+ hours now.

  8. Spoiler:



    He couldn't use his hunger ability off the exile because the exile was immune to it because of his unique connection. It was also the exile who taught nihilus how to do the hunger thing in a round about way. kreia led him to a confrontation with the exile because she knew he was ready to face him not that nihilus was weak. He actually hurt himself trying to drain the exile. Kreia prepared the exile for his confrontation with the others and also proclaimed him as the greatest of all her students, that includes nihilus, sion, and even revan.




    yup. And what D Murda said.

  9. took me 45 hours. But there is no option for that

    Awright! I have the record: 81hr29min.

    It seems like I went straight through; at "Normal" difficulty I only got killed, like, three times (didn't lose any NPCs) but:

    A. I ain't in no hurry (what's the hurry?)

    B. I creep around in slo-mo planting mines a lot.

    C. I talk to about everybody and sightsee.

    D. I play a lot a pazaak (win more than I lose, mostly)

    E. I tried swoop racing a lot (I suck at swoop racing so much DirtDevil offered to sponsor my bike!)

    F. I spent tons of time messing around with the workbench (turns out I didn't need to at "Normal" but I'm glad for all the new options now that I'm wading through at "Difficult.")


    I'm glad I'm not the only one taking my time, and soaking it all in..... :p

  10. well, there's nothing wrong with nit-pickin, but seriously, if the game was "bad", I sure as hell wouldn't be here to cry about it -- I'd move on.


    That always seems to be the fallback defense for people.


    For every fanboy, there needs to be someone to equal it out, unless the game is truely good, then there's not nearly enough to equal.


    fallback defense?


    I'm just saying why hate when you could appreciate something else. But it sounds like you feel it's your duty to balance things out, so go right ahead.

  11. OK Long time no see, G's. I've beaten the game once or whatever, ( cept for the VERY VERY end ) and ermmm, not once did I get to distinguish what prestige class I wanted to take??? We've all been waiting a long time for this game and to choose one of the six classes. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong or why I didnt get to choose my class? I have force crush but I believe that is because i maxxed out my DS bar. PLZ  N THNX... reply soon... if there is spoilers in your answer or something just cover it up or somethin


    O ffs this is ridiculous...


    You get Force Crush as a DS Sith Lord prestige class special only...


    Did you by any chance skip a few convo's? <_<


    I played a Marauder and got Force Crush so I don't know wtf you're talking about.



    You get Crush for all Sith classes.



    suh-WEET :p

  12. nice! 


    yeah, When all else fails, I always fallback, pump with stims, and start lobbing grenades, and/or run-n-gun -- I always keep a decent arsenal!


    Yeah, this is my first time through at "Difficult" and my arsenal is woefully understocked. I'm currently stuck trying to get through the poison gas bar on Citadel Station. I think I prob'ly shoulda built my lightsaber before going in, but I hit "let's go" w/o thinking and now the game won't let me back into the 'Hawk until I'm done. Last night I managed to get all the way through the Red Room only to get mobbed and killed by a bunch a gerbils at the blastdoors to the first green room. Gerbils!



    lol DAMN gerbils!


    I picked up my lightsaber b4 goin to Nar Shaddaa (I wanted to be sure I had Disciple and a lightsaber before I went too, for influence purposes!) -- quickest way I found is to go to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine and save Jerron (salvager/jerk), so he'll sell you two (of the 3) parts of yer lightsaber (aka jedi "relics"), and then fix yer alignment to trigger Visas (I believe it needs to be 75% in either direction -- you'll know by the cutscene), and head back to the Ebon Hawk to take her on (I needed help -- thankfully Bao-Dur was nearby to back me up!) to get a lens, the final part.


    For your second playthrough, what's your setup? My first was LS sentinel/Jedi (pimp)master male with Revan as a DS female -- this time, it's DS consular/marauder(?) female with Revan as a LS male.

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