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  1. I'm now about 11+ hours in, and on the 2nd planet -- I have rare stutters for a second here and there, but honestly, it doesn't affect me in the slightest. I have the combat flowing so it only pauses when I first see an enemy, or switch targets, and am playing on Difficult (I figured I mastered the first, and it applies to the gameplay here, seeing as they're virtually identical). Of course, I'm going with force powers that're new, and I like the additions so far! Having them makes it ok that we don't instantly have a lightsaber, imho, as I can still whip out combo attacks with up to 2 others to kick ass. heh, And flurry is still my favorite melee attack! :p


    I found the graphics to be superior, honestly. Not a whole helluva lot, but better -- backdrops seemed larger and more active than KOTOR's, and the animations look better as well. The characters also don't look goofy like they did in the last game -- the style is better, although there's plenty from the old game as well. If I've been disappointed with the graphics (and not really), it was when I saw my PC's head on an NPC (I'm the asian dude with bangs, Sentinel).


    The gameplay is the same, and to me, that's a good thing -- I really enjoyed KOTOR's combat, and it allowed me to begin kickin ass immediately. I was relieved that the 'Y' button was still in effect, cuz I love hittin it after all enemies have been destroyed! :geek:


    The voice-acting is superb -- I haven't heard a single annoying actor so far, and the dialgoue incites laughs, intentionally! Unlike the original RESIDENT EVIL, lol. It was one of my concerns, as I loved the dialogue in the first game. Also, the dialgoue options are better in variety, and there's more of them. Lastly, the dialogue options aren't nearly as black-n-white as the last, and that's a very good thing. Not to mention your characters and their motivations! They all got me guessing, and I'm simply enjoying the ride. I'm more than hooked, and very happy.

  2. great questions, many I was gonna ask....but I was wondering whether the Xbox version would support 16:9 HDTVs? It may seem like a minor thing, but for a game based on a movie franchise, I am hoping SWKOTOR II will be playable in widescreen!!


    also, I have faith you guys will do well by the game, and truly make something brilliant. February 2K5 seems too far, and that's if all goes as planned -- but rest assured that many of us would wait if you all needed more time to add what you want and polish the game. :(

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