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  1. interesting poll -- it seems they're both males or females!


    For me, having only played through both games twice, male then female, light then darkside, I found for me that Revan was a darksider female, and the Exile was male lightsider. However, the beauty of the games is that it feels right any way you roleplay it.

  2. Well, I'm new to these forums and uh... here's some stuff that I drew up a while ago... Note that none of these people were actually in the game... It was just some stuff I drew to pass the time. Basically, I drew it, inked it, and scanned it in Photoshop. This was my 2nd attempt using Photoshop.




    post-11438-1110414509_thumb.jpg post-11438-1110414456_thumb.jpg


    Now if only the asian dude in KOTOR2 had yer lightsider's looks, instead of the "wave" bangs.... :blink:

  3. Of course, he'd probably just say something very simple like, "You know how I feel, General" and go back to fixing the Ebon Hawk.  ;)


    :blink:  is in the air.


    Of course, as long as you gave the PC the choice of throwing him down on the ground, jumping on top of him and saying something along the lines of... "Why don't you just SHOW me, you big strong horny fellow! That's an order, solider!"... I would be perfectly happy with that. You could even fade to black like they did with the whole Basti-kissing thing in KotOR. ;)



    lmao -- Bao-Dur is such a hit with the ladies! damn. ;)

  4. I heard that Carth Mix that a member made and it made me realize that the story between Carth and Revan is a major draw that made a huge impact in the success of the story as well as the game itself.  YAY CARTH.  Btw ATTON is cool too.



    Hehehe, glad you liked it. :D


    To be a devil's advocate, though, if I made a mix of almost any character, I could probably make it seem like they were heavily important... but I do agree with you that (whether people like Carth or not) he's an important part of the story... at least for people playing off the LS Revan storyline, and people who made Revan LS for the game seem pleased overall with the Carth bonuses scattered throughout it.

    This game seems to be hinting that the developers favored the LS female story above the other options (with Atton suggesting that Revan was female before you tell him yes/no, how the DS explanation of Revan leaving doesn't work quite as well, and the more fleshed out emotions of the romance), and hopefully whoever makes the 3rd game will build on that and add some closure to it as well.



    Eji -- love yer Carth and Atton! They look damn cool. :lol:

  5. I really hope Obsidian doesn't do to KotOR3 what Bioware did to Baldur's Gate 3 :p BG3 was a great game and all, but it didn't feel like a sequel, it felt like an expansion for BG2  :wacko:

    I was hoping for a collaboration between Obsidian and bioware. Bioware makes the engine, obsidian does the story and they both do the rest together. So that it could be produced quicker but still get all the attention it deserves.

    This seems like a good idea.



    sounds good to me

  6. And with her dying words reveals she had twins...


    "there is another...." heeehee


    At least it's not playing Malak, revived by the Jedi/Sith in some freakish revenge thing. Just in skimming the Prima guide book, there is just too many weird, not quite continuity friendly things...but I guess I'll find all that out when I actually start playing the game.



    ENJOY it :p

  7. you never personally meet Bastilla, but if you said Revan was a male lightsider (or perhaps just LSer!) then

    right after completing the Harbinger, her and Carth will cry and moan about being left behind. You see them talking to each other, right in front of you, but don't get to say a word....



    unless you were askin why you don't meet her personally and shake her hand -- in that case, disregard my post!! :p

  8. In the Expanded Universe, it's shown in several instances that using the Jedi to wage war frequently causes them to question the Jedi code and their duty to an ailing Republic (which is the state of the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars) - and many of these doubts result in Jedi deaths or their fall to the dark side. Many of the Clone Wars graphic novels deal with this, notably the one-shot "Jedi" issues with Yoda, Mace, Count Dooku, and Quinlan Vos. And even those who remain on the path of the light side still find their faith tested when the pressures of war begin to weigh down on them (Shaak Ti). Since TSL takes place in the EU, we felt that was a fair take if we wanted to explore the effect of war on the Jedi.


    But you're right, it's not movie canon - still, we take Yoda and Mace Windu's view on war: it is not the Jedi's place to wage war, it's to prevent it in the first place, as Mace says, to be "keepers of the peace." Yoda realizes the Republic (and the Jedi) have already lost when he says the Clone Wars have begun in Episode 2, and he knows nothing good will come of it. We felt this was an interesting aspect to try and examine in the Sith Lords.


    From our standpoint, anyone in touch with life and harmony around them (as Jedi are) who are thrust into a battlefield environment are going to meet some tough challenges, both physically and psychically (as Aton and HK-47 suggest in their backstories). A true Jedi can pull through... but much like the Clone Wars, perhaps it will end up that only two Jedi will survive the entire conflict (Yoda and Obi-Wan), and the rest will die or be corrupted as Vader was. It may be that war itself isn't to blame - it's just a crucible where it's easier for one in touch with the Force to fall to the dark side.


    Just some thoughts.



    I don't expect a reply, but I heard that in the latest issue of Game Informer (March 2K5), y'all at Obsidian are doing KOTOR3?!?!?!


    That would kick some serious ass. And I hope it's for Xbox2, and uses a new engine.

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