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  1. back on-topic:

    I may play this game a 3rd time just to get maximum influence with Mira! In my first playthrough as a male LSer, I went to Nar Shaddaa second to last (before Korriban), and by that time, it was too late to get any more influence outside of normal dialogue (since I had completed most planets/sidequests already) :rolleyes:


    However, I did get to romance both the Handmaiden and Visas -- they only fought a bit!


    In my second game as a daksider female, I want to get to know Atton, Bao-Dur, and Disciple -- I'm being completely two-faced to do so. :wub:


    I still wanna playthrough with HK-47, so I'm thinking that 3rd play will be good for that too. We'll see......can't forget about Hanharr, and Mandalore too. damn.

  2. i got all my parts by going to Dantooine,

    saving Jorran (sp? the salvager in the Jedi Enclave) and buying his jedi relics ($1000), and then having an alignment that dipped strongly towards the darkside (works for lightsiders too) to get Visas after me

    -- I then had all 3 components for my lightsaber.

  3. Yeah, you can tell they rushed it little at the end, but considering time of production to release date these guys at Obsidian put in a lot of work into the game in a short time.

    Personally, I thing they blew the first Kotor out of the water.  The storyline was great. It felt more epic, more like the movies.


    Wow! Somebody in here who doesn't hate KOTOR or me for saying I liked it a lot!


    I wouldn't say 2 blew 1 outta the water (yeah, l'il nitpickers, I'm a Bioware fanboy too), but I think it was a good step forward. Both games are, IMO, better than most if not all of the movies so far and I think Obsidian did a good job responding to KOTOR user comments in making 2 an improvement over 1 in most respects.


    I didn't get much mileage outta the Lab Station playing in "Normal" mode, but I used the workbench a lot and really liked the expanded opportunities to upgrade equipment and gear and make the upgrades.


    I liked the expanded roster of weapons, equipment, armor and robes. I found myself switching out gear a lot to face different situations in the game, one of the things us ol' KOTOR fans called for. I realize it upset some poeple no end, but I actually liked that much of the old armor and gear from KOTOR was still here. It seems to kinda make sense since only five years had passed.


    I coulda got by with fewer NPCs in the team. In KOTOR I felt like you (the player, not The Exile) got to know your crew better, maybe cuz KOTOR was (or seemed) longer and maybe cuz in KOTOR2 so much of your time is dominated by Kreia. On my second pass through I'm seeing a bunch more dialog options open up, so I might be mistaken here.


    Not to rag about Kreia. The role she played in the game, as The Exiles teacher and someone to explain (the developers' read on) The Force was maybe the single best part of the game.


    On "Normal" setting and having played KOTOR umpteen times, the game is easy to beat with little more than Force Wave, the inventory screen and a bunch a med pacs. Even on "Difficult" a lot of the game has been a cakewalk, but there have been some really tough fights.


    At least one of them I was able to win only be taking advantage of enemy AI. On Telos when you're raiding the mercenary camp it took every med pac and stim I had to beat the first four defenders but then I was able to rush by the other six soldiers on the ground and up the ramp to take out the two mercs up on the platform. From there you could take your sweet time creeping down to pick off the remaining mercs piecemeal. (I think the game must assign enemies to "rooms" they will not leave unless they're in pursuit, and all these guys were set at "ranged" so there was very little in the way of pursuit) If that field was divided up into rooms graphically it wouldn't have been so glaring, but when you can clearly see your enemy who can clearly see you, their failure to rush the platform en masse seemed kinda faky.


    I'm with ya, man. I've been playing 'Difficult' from the get-go, and occasionally there are those tough fights were my consular will be the last woman standing (or Atton!). It's still overall an easy game, but the combat is always fun. I don't just spam the force storm all day, though, but enjoy using the new stuff, etc. I'm not playing to see the ending or to simply beat the game -- it was always getting lost in the experience of being the Exile.


    I'm on my second playthrough and still enjoying it as if it were the first time -- mainly because there are so many party-members to get to know, that it's almost impossible to know everything about them, unless you have a guide or check an FAQ.


    I feel this sequel is a bit better than the original as well, and see them both as far above average -- they're my two favorite RPGs this generation, easily.

  4. ... He is like your very best guy friend who you really do love and if you hadn't been freinds first, there *might* have been something between you.  :)

    You just described me :- :ph34r:

    Heh. It sucks to be 'I like you, but as a friend'-ed. One of my new year resolutions is to be a total jerk so no girl will want to be my friend. I think that actually might increase my odds of getting some. :huh:"


    ;) wow...that'll bring the girls in. *cough* idiot *cough, cough*

    I would go out with my best (guy) friend.


    my girlfriend and I were best friends first -- I'd say she's the love of my life. And hey, if a girl can't see past you as a friend, don't bother -- if there's a real connection between two people, it'll happen. No need to be a jerk at all, but don't be so nice it makes her sick. ;)

  5. Well, as it's a sequel, I haven't expected it and still don't expect it to be as good as KotOR 1; that's the curse of all sequels, they're almost never on par.  However, I didn't think KotOR 1 had that much replay value, which seems to be a bit different with TSL thankfully, but hey, what do i know?


    I played the first one twice, and am on my second play with KOTOR2 -- but I feel like I could replay this even more than that.

  6. I really enjoyed my first play through as a LS male Revan, getting to know Jolee and the gang.......but for some reason, the second-play as a female darksider felt much better! I mean, it made all the cruelty inflicted on my party members that much worse in my eyes, having known and enjoyed their company in a previous file, er, life, but she was the mold to which I began my first game in KOTOR2.


    My second playthrough of KOTOR2 has my original LS male Revan, and I already feel like that ain't right! :devil:

  7. first time through as a male LSer (and Revan as a female DSer), clocked in about 56 hours, doing most sidequests, pazaak playin, and lotsa dialogue attempts for influence.


    Currently at 11 or so hours in my second playthrough, as the complete opposite -- and I'm just as addicted.

  8. I've only completed the LS ending, and to be completely honest -- I liked it.


    All the questions I had were answered, save for

    the Exile's next course of action -- will he/she go after Revan or continue to live in exile, now that the galaxy has been saved?



    Seriously though -- other than that,

    Kreia tells you EVERYthing you would want to know



    I'm on my second playthrough right now, and I can't wait to see the DS ending! ;)

  9. Both have their strengths, some shared weaknesses.....but overall, I love the part influence plays now, and how it will affect subsequent replays!


    I'm on my second playthrough now, as a female darksider, Revan as a male lightsider (all things opposite from my previous game), and I'm just as sucked into it. I'm skipping some of them sidequests this time around, in favor of furthering the story and trying to make as many fall with me as possible -- GREAT game. Can't wait for a 3rd game!

  10. I agree with Gromnir, it makes skills as well as the int stat far more important.


    In KOTOR int was the useless.


    Out of all 6 stats, int is the only way that has the least amount of use for combat.  (With the exception with sniper shot) .  To make it worse, anything that's controlled by int can be done by the NPC several times better.


    Now, in KOTOR 2, I can definitely see dev trying to make each stat just as important as the other one.  Therefore, if you are making a super melee jedi or a super force wielding jedi, and put all stat into either str/dex/con or wis/char, you should be penalized for dumping int.


    And in Reverse, if the character gets 16 int and put every level up point into int, they should be rewarded.


    IMO the item creation system is perfect for this.  While one may be better at combat, they wouldn't be able to get the best of the best item in the game.  And those items is basically a perk for characters that forgone combat powers.


    Now, I

  11. makes me wonder if the Exile can break it down, sorta like Revan did for the "Easter Egg" ending in KOTOR....!  :rolleyes:


    KOTOR had an Easter Egg at the end?


    well, for the Xbox version, it had something to do with holding certain buttons down on the second controller -- the result was instead of fighting Malak, your character would start dancing, and Malak would turn into a Twi'lek and join in -- with the ending cutscene as normal. :D

  12. I had the same thing happen to me.  Did you miss the cutscene where Visas unmasks Darth N?  I love your avatar by the way.


    Did they show it for you? All she did was go over there, and then brought his mask to me (I asked for it of course! I was kinda hoping to wear it, even though I'm LS as well). I'm also wondering if all those scenes with her on the Ravager occur if you don't have the lotsa influence with her -- that is, if she didn't confess her love for you, would all that still take place? What if I had been darkside? Basically, by the time I finished the Ravager, Visas had found redemption, and inner peace......go figure that, since she's now a Pillar o' Light like myself. :rolleyes:

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