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  1. kinda off topic but i think if Revan is male he should definately be straight because a gay guy would cry from getting hit with a gaffi stick. if you have ever seen that one pillow fight video you know what i'm talking about.
  2. an action replay is a gameshark ripoff for xbox. taking into consideration that the xbox can't support a true cheating device, the action replay uses game saves submitted by people with modded xboxes. it's what you'd use to download one of stormsinger's mods
  3. i was wondering if anyone has an action replay disc that they don't use. sadly, i've misplaced mine and i need to buy another disc
  4. i picked for Revan the guy with the single little thingy of facial hair under his lip that eventually becomes a goatee. for the exile i picked the guy who looks quite similar with the scar by his eye. i only chose these because they look good DS and they look a lot like me
  5. in response to kreia's age, as posted a while back, you need to understand the balance of the force. there are many jedi, thousands upon thousands. the sith are few, but, a sith can easily kill many jedi. jedi live a very long time (if i recall correctly Yoda was in his 900's). so in order to balance the force you can infer that the sith are so consumed by power that the dark side kills their body slowly, making them age quickly and develop creases. kreia might be applied to this logic if she is in fact a sith for a long time, the 10 or 15 years after she was exiled. you cannot argue the balance of power because i can recall that exar kun killed thousands (or millions?) of jedi at his last stand. kreia can concievably be 35 years old and have the appearance of a 60, maybe 70 year old woman.
  6. i hated disciple... the second biggest **** ever in kotor. carth was first and bao dur is third. carth whined too much
  7. sorry to say but word is the old man was wheezing with every breath and suffered horribly.
  8. crap. they lost me on the "latest drivers" link
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