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  1. Downgraded my frivers from 71.84 (newest) to 66.93. No difference. Still freezes. Think I'll go out tomorrow and buy a new video card... Or maybe try format c:?
  2. No, it isn't a laptop. Tried it on one at first (have a very relaxing job :D), but later read that it doesn't run on one. But thanks for the quick reply! The audio doesn't freeze, the voice and background just keeps going as normal when the game freezes, but everything on screen just stops. The mouse cursor indicates that it's an extreme lag, in that it makes a jump in the correct direction after 15-20 seconds. A shot in the dark, but would it matter that my keyboard is wireless? (Logitech Dinovo)
  3. I install the game without problems. I run it, and I get to move the droid around for 20 seconds before the screen is completely frozen. It lasts for a minute or so, and I can move around again. 10-20 seconds later it freezes again, over and over. Argh! I've got an AMD 1.8 gHz, 512 MB RAM, over a gig free disk space, an NVIDIA Geforce2 MX/MX400 display adapter, and WinXP. I've tried all the graphics settings, turning off shadow and setting the textures to low, killing most of the non-vital background processes. HEEELP! Er... thanks in advance for any assistance.
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