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  1. the newest catalyst drivers specifically deal with that problem so if you have an ati card get them
  2. i was responding to your original post, when i feel the need to antagonise over long posts made by people with too much time on their hands then i'll do so also, explain how an mmorpg wouldn't delay another game that continues the story? Presumably they'd want the same people who worked on TSL, therefore their talents would be diverted from making the third installment and in case you didn't notice, mmorpgs are all the rage these days, they are an easy way to get longevity and more cash out of game from overcharged monthly subscriptions with little extra effort
  3. bad idea, cause it takes time away from working on the third installment i don't like "interludes" when it comes to making a series of games, like warcraft don't get me wrong, WOW is a great game but i'd have preferred if they continued with the story and made another game in the proper series instead of milking the cash cow plus if the resultant KOTOR mmorpg is anything like Galaxies then you can count me out
  4. i'm not a fan of galloway but anything that makes an american senator look stupid is ok with me
  5. Me? I'm old fashioned so I perfer the Man -women relationship Homosexuality in games might encourage other things so the line has been drawna nd it should stay there
  6. I want him back to, so much wasted potiential....Its like sending Einstien to meet his death in war or something. But you have to face the facts.......HE PROBABLY ISN'T COMING BACK
  7. I agree completly with his ideas to make the new game better. You could start a sith academy somewhere and take your pupils into war etc perhaps generate some money, start training more and more, conquer the galaxy lol turn it into a Strategy FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BETTER MASKS AND FULL BODY CLOAKS MY EXILE IS UGLY AND HIS FACE NEEDS HIDDEN SO HE DOESN'T SCARE SMALL CHILDREN
  8. I find dark side seduction from Jedi Academy more interesting - when Kyp secretly takes lessons from Exar Kun on alchemy, sith magic and lightsaber under the very nose of Luke, and finally we have a fight of these two. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> is that the pc game?? must have missed that bit
  9. New question: If Sid tells Vader that he killed padme then why doesn't Vader call him a liar or something when he realises that he didn't kill her and he was being lied to
  10. would somebody get this guy some Cesium
  11. haha thats what i said about 3 pages back though keanu is slightly worse than hayden if he was cast then he would have delivered his full vocabulary of 5 words and one facial expression
  12. i don't even think england would vote for england if they could
  13. latvia seemed to do really well for two performers who were so badly out of tune and key that i lost all hope for humanity for a couple of seconds
  14. hans haha hes not german and lucas didn't direct empire, which explains alot
  15. Episode 3 was NOT a let down and neither was episode 1 & 2 I thinnk people were just dissapointed because of the god-like status that Star Wars had recieved after ROTJ
  16. for all the genius of lucas, he is rubbish at getting actors to act
  17. given the fact that money is all lucas cares about these days then your merchandising assumptions are probably correct, also like the way he demands the fans to see the movie upwards of 50 times and edited out lots of scenes and shortened several others to make the film shorter so it could be shown more times, therefore more profits the only thing stopping me from awarding him the level of scumbag is the fact he invented star wars " which is a bit of a mountain to climb over <_< theres also the fact episode 3 needed a new villian, to keep with the episode 1 and 2 concep
  18. i thought it was an amazing film, head and shoulders above the two other prequels and in many ways its superior to the three originals but most people had already made up their minds before going to see this one so it will never achieve the recognition on the same level as the other 3, which it deserves Weak points for me are all the obvious ones; haydens wooden acting being worse than keanu reeves how quickly anakin fell to the darkside which felt uneven in his progress, i also found the whole process a bit unbelieveable that he could be so naive also the way that all th
  19. ah right would be quite a lame technique lol, in the EU where and when was it used? on the L shaped lightsaber... hmmm stupid idea, almost as bad the the invisible beam one "
  20. this is easilly one of the dumbest threads ever
  21. i would imagine the true sith look the same as humans only with maybe slight differences they are probably humanoid anyway
  22. the entire echo thing was the main plot point lol shows what a success the storyline was when half the people playing it have no idea
  23. i thought it was great suddenly your character has some importance in the universe, plus i only saw it coming the second malak started talking before the revelation cutscene started
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