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  1. I've played the game several times; where is the pacifist package?
  2. I always took it that Darth Sion had taken Nihilus as his apprentice, shortly before he confronted Darth Traya in the Trayus Core and cut her off from the Force. So, perhaps Sion helped revive him from whatever he suffered at Malachor V?
  3. In KOTOR, if you ask Canderous about the Mandalorian Wars (I did it in the Jedi Enclave) he'll say something to the effect of: "...the Sith approached up with an offer we couldn't refuse..." in reference (IIRC) to what spawned the MWs. The Sith that he refers to were obviously not Malak and Revan since they fought against the Mandalorians. Is it possible that (as Kreia said at the end of KOTOR2) Revan knows that the "real" Sith are on the Outer Rim and did encourage the Mandalorian Wars, just as Canderous tells him in KOTOR?
  4. Handmaiden had a different father than the other Handmaidens, correct? Which would mean that if Kreia was Kae she was mother to all the Handmaidens, just by a different father than Handmaiden Brianna.
  5. I would really like to see Revan become your PC again. And have him return with the knowledge that Exile died fighting [whoever it is] on the Outer Rim.
  6. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, because it got tiresome reading through six pages (so I primarily read this last one), but what I would really like to be added in KOTOR3 is the option to change your name when you turn darkside: as in, "Darth Whoever" I didn't know if it would happen in KOTOR2, and since I just recently selected the rank of Sith Lord in this, my third game, I see it doesn't happen in this one. But I really think this would be a great addition to the next one.
  7. I thought Atris would become Nihilus when I first saw the promotional images. They made such an important point about being careful how you influence your party members, so I thought that that indicated: if you're not good to Atris, she'll turn to the dark side.
  8. I actually surmised as much on my second time through. It seemed to me that Bao-Dur had sent remote with you to... watch out for you [?]. Perhaps Mira came because she respected [or loved?] you so much? And I suppose Goto came because he wanted to make sure you didn't wreck his plans.
  9. I'm pretty sure Darth Maul was christened such since 'maul' means 'to injure as if by beating'. And Darth Maul was most certainly not the philosopher type of Sith. It's quite obvious that Sidious just used him as the muscle necessary during that stage of Sidious's plan. 'Plagieus' sounds to me like a name meant to be reminiscent of the Roman dictators/emperors: Lucius, Albinus, Septimius Severus, etc. At least, that's what I first thought of when I heard it.
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