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  1. DS Revan - You get the holocron LS Revan - You get a message from T3 The messages are different, but their point is pretty much the same:
  2. I never really used it, since you can buy/find much better armor than you can ever make. I only used it to change colors.
  3. Edwin Viconia Minsc Deekin Drizzt
  4. You gotta have points spent on those abilities and I think you need specific items, like iron bars. But you don
  5. I will send Jar Jar on your way and you can settle this with him.
  6. Is it lemon pie? If it is, I want one and a Coke please.
  7. Yes and as it is made of magic fabric, only smart people can see it. :D
  8. What about Silverhawks? Anyone remember that?
  9. That was you, but (damn the dial up connection) he posted before.
  10. Faramirk: You kinda look like Jango Fett (with his helmet on).
  11. I liked Cheetara a lot. The spotted hottie.
  12. Russia was never conquered by force, just by money.
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