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  1. *giggles* I would not consider it hentaiish or pornish unless there were tenticals involved.... Lady Alenuska
  2. Update Rammstein - Morgenstern Type 0 Negative - Black No 1 Sister's of Mercy - Temple of love. Plane scape Torments - Deionarra theme. Rob Zombie - Liveing Dead girl Arcturus - Master of Disguise.
  3. I cant stand that annoying growling... Besides Mira is spunky and has an attiude which i find rather attractive.
  4. Wow, lovely and yes she's rather cheeky. You've definetly, got to do more very cool! And quite tasteful. I so hope you will do more pictures like this of Mira and share them with us all. Thanks for shareing! Lady Alenuska.
  5. The random Mp3's in my play list just the five I can see at the moment. 1 Schuberts - Allegro ma mon toppo 2 Darling violetta's - Smaller god 3 Lacuna coil - Falling 4 Theater of Tragedy - Lorelei 5 System of A down - Chop suey and right now the song that is playing is. Birthday Massacre's - Happy birthday
  6. 6600GT can be gotten online for $180. or so. Its not like its a $600. card. This is a average card in todats market IMO. As gamers, technology moves forward and we much move forward with it. Those who want to get 5 yrs out of their video card/cpu should think of a new hobby IMO. As this is a hobby they requires an investment every 12-18 months. I understand they are aiming for the lowest common denominator to get the most sales, but that has proven to be a false theory. Look at Doom3, HL2, Sims 2, Vampire all require a above average system to run good and they have all been on the top 15 b
  7. Interesting concept... I do not really like the look of the game. However it looks a tad to cartoony. I would be however more interested in the developing of cultures and races and the possibility of intergalatic war. And home world power struggles as they advance through the ages.
  8. I'm really hopeing It's not Bg3 I really felt the game story ended at 2 and there really was nothing more to tell. It's a classic and should remain so I'm worried if someone did make it. That it may not meet everyones lofty expectations. I truely would like to see a very dark and disturbing original from Obsidian. Not another Sequal..
  9. I do not, disagree with you. However it all has to do with money. And the fact there trying to target a larger range of consumers. Who may not have a OOO Ahh 6600GT or some power house system. Though this being said there are games like Worlds of war craft and Guild War's which do have a fairly min requirement. Yet still look impressive, however it's an imperfect world.
  10. I enjoyed the first one for it's campyness which I found charming and quite amuseing. I may check this out however graphics I'm not to terribly concerned with. Volourn I tend to agree it's not a roleplaying game persay. However It's funny and oddly disturbing when games like Diablo are worsely accepted as such and get such hype adding insult to injury.
  11. You've an interesting style.. some I like better then other's however I find alot of your art rather flat.... a bit of shadeing and highlighting and folds would definetly enhance some of your pictures.. Also practice. As for the female you requested clothing for (or i think you did cannot recall ) I honestly would not have gone with a gown thats form fitting leaving little to the imagination opposed to pants... Just keep practiceing and keep experimenting....
  12. Actually if you are referring to your trip to the castle in Chapter 2, then you are encouraged to avoid those orcs, not fight them. There is a definite path you can follow in which you can avoid fights and still enter the castle. You mentioned the exploring as being a positive aspect. To me, this is what puts GOthic ahead of so many other games. Becusae there are very few story-based games out there that also have big, 3-D worlds to explore. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The exploreing aspect of the game was lovely be it through the greenier to the swamps and beautiful l
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