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    Roleplaying on Jedi.net has become a major interest. Fanfiction - I have a few stories posted on fanfiction.net and also on JNet fanfiction section.
  1. I'm one of the mods on Goodwood's site, yes another RPG SW freak specially when it comes to KOTOR. The following list is of who we currently have. As you can see, we haven't gotten many as yet. We'd love to have more interest. Bastila Shan* Malak Canderous Forn Dodonna Jolee Bindo Carth Onasi Exile - Alara Knightly Revan Zuka Bendaro Bandon ** Dizzy* - assassin for Exchange Jethro Vendetta - Exchange boss Haed'oro'seil - Jedi Master Nahstaa - Jedi Onesimon Sicarius Cadio Onnd Klo Merit - Jedi Knight Yon Gusenwyer - Czerka boss Ryn Ossek - Bounty Hunter (Czerka) Scorp Ession - Jedi We are still looking for the following: Mission Vao Zaalbar Juhani HK-47 T3-M4 Mira Hanharr Kreia Saul Karath Mandalore Visas Marr Atton Rand Bao Dur Sion Handmaiden Disiple Tobius Nihilus GOTO Kavar Vash Atris Vrook Vandar Zez-Kai Ell. ((This list is incomplete so if there is someone there from the games that is yet to me mentioned, and you wouldn't mind playing them, just let one of us know about it.)) * = the alias's I play.
  2. I'd love to get a hold of the silver crystal. I got the orange one ok, got the cyan. heaps of purple, blue, green, red, yellow but I want the SILVER!!!
  3. Your art work is amazing... fantastic work *sighAttonsigh* that one with the dance costume is absolutely hilarious *is still ROFLMAO* I too was totally let down when Atton didn't even say 'boo' about the dance outfit... what a let down after the initial comments in the skanky undies...
  4. I got halfway thru the final battle and my darn disk stuffed up so I still haven't completed the game *Your disk is either dirty or damaged* Grrrrr, well it wasn't dirty that's for sure... spitting chips that I haven't been able to play the rest of it. I have to wait till the company I got the disk from has decided what has gone on with the disk and returns it to me again. There wasn't any obvious damage that I could see on the disk. So yeah. I'm feeling real ripped off right now. I want a workable disk so I can play my new favourite game!!!
  5. That artwork is great. Wish I could draw but I've no talent in that direction.
  6. Now if someone could just do one of those with Atton ... hehehe specially with that convo he has with Bao-Dur about if the Exile would be interested in him... hehehe "I'm serious here..."
  7. only coz you told me about the thread... but I have been around these boards for a while mate...
  8. Very nice... yes I"m another Carthoholic/Onasi Order fangal... Atton's not bad either ... Will be nice to have my two fav Kotor men on the desktop...
  9. I'm hoping that it isn't regional coded - I'm in Aussie and I purchased a copy off eBay US - just waiting for it to turn up now...
  10. I've just been playing the JNet RPG online... that keeps me occupied. That and going back to KoTOR and Jedi Academy again...
  11. I'll just be happy to see the game, I loved the first one so if it's anything like it I'm sure I'll love the second one too...
  12. The romances in KoTOR were what hooked me most. I loved the flirting between Carth and my female PC. I had hoped for it to be more developed - like a kiss included as it was for Bastila/male Revan. I hope that the developers include more indepth romances with KoTOR 2 as it only serves to enhance the experience of the game more. I love the interactions between all of the characters and it would be a shame if they arn't included in Sith Lords.
  13. Tough choice ... I'd like to see more games like KoTOR though - I loved it.... but then again I love all the starwars games ... I liked Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy but I think I got the most enjoyment out of KoTOR. I love RPG's!
  14. I enjoyed the romance, would like to see more of it as I think it enhances the game.
  15. Good. They're actually trying to keep up as a many options as possible. How they're going to do that, is another story. Carth returning? meh...now there you have it, should've known <_< *sigh* I'm a love-sick Carth-oholic so am sooooo glad he will be back, even if it isn't as a love interest ... Is this forum full of horny men or something?
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