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  1. Being able to waste crowds of fully armoured Sith with a lightsaber while wearing less fabric than it takes to cover a saucer - now that's power!* *now don't spoil my fun by saying it's because the game's too easy....)
  2. My current character is pretty much neutral, just as a result of roleplaying. She just pretty much dislikes everyone, and suffers no fools. If people are respectful, she'll respond, otherwise they can go hang. So, she liked the Ithorians and hated the corporate scumbags, but can't stand Vrook. She's ended up pretty much neutral in alignment, but is usually solving the quests in the LS manner. It's odd. Also, Visas appeared quite early, I think you get her one you have acquired a certain number of alignment points, whatever side they are for. bg.
  3. Hmm.......you gave Mira a vibroblade because blasters are useless?? In my experience, Mira can drop almost anything with a blaster in a shot or two, I'd never consider giving her a blade. And Bao with a ranged weapon?? Look at your characters stats - if they have high DEX, stick to ranged, if high strength, use melee. Works for me. bg.
  4. That Sin City Mira comic ROCKS!!! your versatility is amazing! thankyou for posting this! bg.
  5. Make sure you try out playing pazaak with Atton twice, then whacking him upside the head - I nearly fell off my chair. "I taught myself.....techniques" bg.
  6. Oh God, these are so great - had seen the Bao one, but the Atton one was new. I was laughing so hard at the bit where Bao realised what you're about to do with droid-Atton......his face, and the line about shielding his mind.......priceless. I don't care if you're the straightest guy ever - you still have to see these. bg.
  7. Thanks for posting the German text, Ilona - I love reading how things get translated! bg.
  8. You do get additional convos if you get high INF - stuff about how Revan beat him up and sodded off to the Outer Rim. bg.
  9. I imagine one reason the GoTo/Remote/HK47 part of the ending was cut was that it's possible to finish the game having never reassembled HK47, so he could hardly just appear in the ending scenes. Originally, I assume reassembling him must have been compulsory to get to Malachor, probably you needed him to get to the droid planet, or had to do the HK factory to complete the game. What are the plans in this regard - it's easy to miss part of HK, and thus you could lock yourself into a dead end quite early on, and not know it. Will you mod in additional places to get the parts? bg.
  10. http://members.shaw.ca/t7nowhere/mod_hlpn.htm be warned, it also tries to install 800 other mods, including making Bastila blonde, for some reason. But you can deselect most of them. bg
  11. Actually, there is the Carth Redemption ending modded on for KOTOR1, since it wasn't finished by the developers in time for release. bg.
  12. Yeah, why is that??? Has anyone found a good use for heavy armour? I mean, I never thought it was worth giving anyone heading for Jedihood, or handy with a DEX-oriented blaster the Heavy armour feat, and IIRC, Bao can't even get it! Why on earth can't he get the feat? Did they not make the models or something? Ridiculous...... bg.
  13. Suvam'd win, since you can *persuade* the bat into losing! And Suvam could talk anyone's ear off........ bg.
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