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  1. As the title says. I have 1 enemy engaged, Reckless Brigandine bonus says -23% attack speed, switch weapons and it says 9%, move away, re-engage and it's back to 23%. Edit: spoke too soon, looks like the buff reapplies itself after a few seconds.
  2. Tekehu is not chanting for me, he has more than 4 chants in his chant list, and when I try to rename chants, the list just grows (A,B,C,D,A,B,C ...). Trying to switch chants seems to have no effect. It's completely bugged. Even the chant editor is bugged, where I can't see the first chant I add as if the horizontal scroll bar has some sort of offset added to it even when it's set all the way to the left. Does Obsidian have knowledge of this bug? It kind of makes Tekehu useless, since all he can do is cast a single spell at the beginning of combat and then just auto attack.
  3. Now that I think of it, before Serafen yelled at me I had lied to Malnaj that Remaro is in Port Maje. Might be a bug where the game treats lying to her as a pro-slaver choice. The part of the quest where Malnaj confronted me felt a bit unfinished as well. I got an encounter at sea, killed her and her crew. Afterwards there was nothing to loot from corpses or her ship and no dialogue options with Serafen about her torturer being killed.
  4. I can't yet read your responses since I haven't been to Crookspur yet. I was referring to the dialogue OP was talking about, which initiates after you accept the first slaver quest from Furrante. I took the quest thinking there would be a solution to it where you betray Furrante and free the slaves or something like that. The game did not give me any option to tell Serafen that I'm not going to actually help the slavers. Also Serafen talks in past tense, like you've already done something to slaves somewhere, but I've yet to see any slaves during the game.
  5. So something like: } "ExpectedDifferenceMin": 2, "ExpectedDifferenceMax": 2, "AdjustedLevelAmount": 2 }, { "ExpectedDifferenceMin": 3, "ExpectedDifferenceMax": 3, "AdjustedLevelAmount": 3 }, { "ExpectedDifferenceMin": 4, "ExpectedDifferenceMax": 4, "AdjustedLevelAmount": 4 ... and so on Then just ctrl+f "MaxLevelAdjustment": and replace all occurrences with a large number.
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