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  1. Actually EA doesn't seem to be selling Ultimate Editions anymore(or at least I couldn't find them for ME2 or 3). Also the engine isn't mod friendly, so you may be disappointed on that front. There is an edition out where you buy ME1 to ME3 in a bundle. I know because last weekend I was visiting my local gamestop shop and they had this edtion of all the ME games. No DLC though. Also Aaryn Flyn has asked what we'll like to see in final (ultimate) edition of the ME games released so far... There is also an ultimate edition available on EA's Origin DA: Origins which contains Awakening all
  2. One of his conclusions seems to be that this game reminds him a lot of Assasin's Creed. And I have to say that I completely agree with him. I have asked this maybe 2-3 times on the Bioware forums but never gotten a direct answer as to why this or if my intuition about this is correct. As for the exploration and the visuals, I have had a fear - or intuition - that Bioware wanted to turn the DA franchise into some sort of skyrim game e.g. Bioware wanted to take several clues from Skyrim for inspiration when they wanted to make DA: Inquisition. And it certainly seems that I was correct. Stat
  3. People didn't complaint about Hawke's personal story. Or at least, that wasn't the meat of most complaints I heard. They complained that the entire last act was on rails and the bad guys dropped philosophical differences for pure crazy. People actually liked the Qunari plot. But the personal plot was just a narrative McGuffin. Something you followed to get hooked into the real plots. I mean, the personal story stops being relevant even halfway into the game. Of the three major plot threads, two of them were save the world. And one of those fails simply because the city of Kirkwall is ful
  4. Yes, the BIoware games have from way back in 1998 or 1999 been about the chosen one, the ancient organisation, the saving the world, the big bad guy to defeat at the end. And what happenes when Bioware decided no to do this (trivial) thing/game anymore? There were much rejoi....eh...I mean, complaining. And about what: reuse of areas (play NWN, the first, or IWD2 and you'll se reuse of areas in a much grander scale than in DA2), enemies popping out of the ground, and the plot/story in DA2, Hawke's personal story. To me, DA was good game, at least as good as DA: Origins, if not a little bit
  5. I remember back in the day when Oblivion was developed, and maybe also the first Mass Effect? way back in 2005-2006; buzz words then were 'sucked into', immersed, and may favorite 'innovative'. They were used so often and so frequently that they quickly became clichées (is this an english word?) or stereotypes, thus losing their original meaning. Anyway, the BSN is used to Gaider's talking points (hey, we've dealt with Chris Priestly for nearly 10 or 12 years, 5 or 6 of those as Evil Chris, we can take a bit of venting from Gaider, David). Gaider is the one person who outright tell people;
  6. I'm way behind in my playing of pc video games, so I just started Arcanum as the rpg. And The Black Mirror (BM1) as the adventure game. And most shockingly; both games work well on Windows 7! Arcanum maybe even better than on Windows XP! Fallout 2 works as well...
  7. Actually, it didn't. I think it sold something like 100.000 copies or maybe it was about 4000,00 00 or so in the first year after its release. PS:T's problem was - and is - this: It was released on December 12th, 1999, please look here here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planescape:_Torment In Euope (at least in Denmark) ot was released 5-6 months later or maybe a year later, in the year 2000. Why am I calling this a problem, then. Simply because of this: In 1997 or even 1998 you could make a living out of making a game which sold maybe 200,000 copies or even 100,000 copies. The guys behi
  8. I just watched on DVD the movie Snow White and the Huntsman - a very, interesting take on the Snow White story. Speaking of dwarves they are vert different than any dwarves I have any seen. One of them says this: if you start humming, I'll slap you...because one of the others dwarves started singing 'hey, hey to work we go'. Very, very funny :D I've also just watched Total Recall (the new version). To me, it is even better than the Total Recall movie with Arnold S. as the main character. It seems to take the short story We can remember it for your wholesale by Philip K. **** seriously....
  9. Sp where do this is leave us that bought the game at gamer's gate, I think? And downloaded it legally? and have a legally downloaded file for Mysteries of Westgate? Can we still get the game to activate at the servers or? is our purchase null and void? This is exactly the reason why I always want a disc version of game, since any company can just state that another company is in breech of contract. And then pull the license from the other company.
  10. I just saw on DVD the new Spiderman movie - The Amazing Spiderman. Fantastic movie that really takes the creation myth of Spiderman very, very seriously and actively makes the story of Peter Parker becoming Spiderman believable. Especially with how a young man comes to term with his superpowers. I have also seen the new Batman movie - the Dark Knight Rises. And I was very confused - to me the creators of this game didn't know where they wanted the story to go. And what is the deal with the new villain, Bane? Why is he the villain? It seems to me that the new Batman movie, DKR, had at leas
  11. An example of long term consequences in an rpg is the now famous first Witcher game. The game plays out differently if you side with the elves or the law? (sorry, I forgot what the elves opponents are called). Also, some quests in DA:O and even 1 or 2 in DA2 do this. In the first Witcher game the story also unfolds differently if you kill certain people or don't kill certain people. Also, the game just moves on with the story if you take too long to finish certain quests. What is the casual marketplace these days for computergames? I would consider myself a rather hardcore gamer ---- how
  12. I've just watched The Artist - b/w homaging the great twenties in moves and films. After the first ½ hour, I was ready to give up on it, but then suddenly this amazing story unfolded. I've also watched a great film called the Music Never Stopped. It is about a young man who in 1978 still thinks he lives in 1968. Through music he and his father heals both themselves and the generation gap (from 1968) in the US.
  13. Bioware's formula, have been from day 1, when they started making rpgs, like this: slay the evil thing that destroys the land, then it went into the join a supersecret organization, and then it went into the become a grey warden/spectre terriritory. I, and many others at the BSN were quite happy when David Gaider announced that there would be no secret organization, no joining of such an thing and no slaying the big bad thing at the end. OK, that one they kind og missed - with not 1, bit two! boss fights at the end. One of them rumored to be in there because EA wanted it so.... To me DA2 t
  14. I tried looking also - the only thing I could find was this: http://forums.pocket...ic=24535.0;wap2 and then this: http://www.shsforums...iwd-2-spoilers/ I hope you do have the 2.01 patch ? You could always use the console to move you to the next area. In the Infinity Engine games, when you press x on your keyboard, you get the location, showing something like x 2650 y 3050 area 800 or something like that. Judging from the links I've posted above, it seems you need to the exit the map to go to The Severed Hand? A stupid question, maybe: are you sure you've killed all ene
  15. Let me start by saying that I do like DA2 - a lot in fact. It is nice to see Bioware breaking away from their formula - saving the world, joining a secret organisation, slaying the big bad thing at the end of the game. Yes, there were certainly some very (essential) things that could have been better: the wave combat, the enemies appering out of thin air, and the way the story was told. Especially since the story didn't give the player much choice - or made player agency important. As for choice and consequence that mattered, this has never been among Bioware's strength when making games. Nea
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