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  1. I get the feeling you're gonna be disappointed with PoE. The only role you can play in Dark Souls is killing man.
  2. If they release the keys this problem will go away.
  3. I want to post that keys are now available on the backer portal. But I'm not that cruel, people could die.
  4. Rain and sunshine have nothing to do with video games.
  5. My mind is unraveling. The wait has broken me. :wowey: :wowey: :wowey: :wowey:
  6. I'd bet that some Godlikes would get in some unavoidable fights no matter what.
  7. Nice work with the burning. I bet his hands are shaking now. Where's my key?
  8. Then we all lie down and lose the will to continue.
  9. I take an aspect of something like a character personality trait, appearance or part of their history and put a word to it. Like if he was supposed to be a tall imposing fighter, I might take the word "tower" or perhaps "mountain". Then I find that word in another language. Latin works well most of the time, sometimes I use German / Nordic. Then I tweak the word to sound more like a name or mash it with an existing name to create a new one. After that I'll either do the process again for their last name or give them a more common name. So as an example, I want a strong and resiliant fighters name so I'd start with "Tower" and "Stone". German gives me a cool name with that, Steintrum. Then I'd just give him a simpler name at the front. Martin Steintrum. For any RPG characters I'll usually use this method as I like to name names that mean something.
  10. Multiplayer in NWN2 was ok, but me and my friend got kinda bored. Co-op just doesn't mix right with the story telling and adventure. It was kinda fun, but I liked it better single player.
  11. What if you don't get your key by then? Will it still be awesome? You're supposed to be rioting in here man.
  12. I don't have a pitchfork but I have some expired bacon in the fridge, will that help with the panic?
  13. I'd like to know this as well. Has there been an official response about our keys?
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