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  1. @sombrero that is a very good point, the misses indeed feel a lot more noticeable in TBM, especially for single attacks.
  2. I like the spacebar idea! Wonder if it can be reconfigured in settings?
  3. Am I the only person who feels like TBM effectively nerfed this skill?
  4. Is anyone else enjoying this mode with a spellcaster heavy team as much as I do? I think it’s brilliant, spite some apparent issues with action speed balancing!
  5. I share your sentiment that one can get a lot more detail out each fight. Indeed, this also prolongs each fight. However, I for one feel like the “price is right”, the compromise is definitely worth the time investment. Due to the more enagaging combat I found myself care a lot more about what my companions are doing, they feel as if they are a more integral part of my strategy. I don’t think getting to this level of detail was possible in the original play mode, even with detailed auto-pause and more advanced (modded) AI scripting. Aside from the current issues with balance (number actions within the turn, dampened impact of dexterity) I feel like this mode is far superior to the quasi real time based, when balanced properly. Perhaps with mentioned issues tuned away and some enhancement made to the base unit of turns (turns could be made more action packed IMHO) it to offset some of your feelings about the prolonged fights.
  6. Awesome news regarding the fix! Love the turn based combat so far!
  7. I agree with the OP that it seems to be too costly with a full action point.
  8. I watched the video again and it sounded like it will ship with the 4.1 final patch on Jan 24 but will be _called_ a beta. So no beta testing signup required if I understand this right.
  9. I have experienced this also. The same workaround worked for me. Alternatively you can go back to a previous save (when not on ironman) and try HoU again.
  10. Maybe I misinterpreted what Josh said in his video about turned based mode but it sounded like he said it will be enabled in patch 4.1 and requested folks to test it. I just downladed the patch to verify the solution for the BoW lighning bug with Radeon and was going to try turn based mode but it seems to be disabled still. Have I missed anything?
  11. Just confirming that the fix for the radeon issue worked for me.
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