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  1. Hi, The turn based mode is really fun and I like it a lot. I'll just post the negatives here: - when fighting lord Admiral Imp in Neketaka and the drunken sailors near the inn all the city guards joined the fight on their side. That never happened in the normal mode; - spellcasters are much stronger than melee characters. Swashbuckler Eder needs about 5 turns to kill one weak target, but Aloth's ray of fire can 1-2 shot his targets. - right clicking the grimoires in shops shows empty spell slots. Sometimes it shows they have 1 spell. - the spacebar's pause function is irrelevant. It could be used for end turn as default - First I thought fast characters could be better to have 2 moves per turn but I played on PoTD upscaled and reached lvl 12 and all the fights felt very good balanced and challenging. I wouldn't want the hardest difficulty to be easier than that. This still has to be tested with the forgotten sanctum fights. Over all this mode was a very nice surprise. Great job!
  2. I think the issue is very complex. I have stacked many per rest bonuses without resting for hours. Now after I tried to rest nothing changes. All bonuses are there and probably they break the spell. Arcane veil is also not working.
  3. Hi, This spell is not working sometimes. I tried to respec and it started working again. Then it stopped working again after casting it outside of combat. You can find attached the output log and the system specs but the save file is over 5 MB archived. A screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/HiS2MDh I hope you can fix this as it's one of the most important spells for the solo wizard Thanks and Happy New Year. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  4. Instead of waiting and reading about insignificant bugs I suggest you play. The game is amazing and one of the best I've ever played. If you so much want a challenge you can play solo or duo characters.
  5. I unchecked all DLCs and downloaded them again, restarted the game 10 times and nothing helped. When I find the Deadfire pack DLC on the steam page and press download, the game starts and the merchant is not there. I'm using a new save and I have the portraits only.
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