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  1. From what i've found the characters have a certain area of exclusion around each of them so they have a certain spacing between them which will change the formation and is very dependent on the facing direction. If you have the whole party selected and use right-click to move and orientate them you should still see the formation in yellow and this should allow the formation to be kept more readily as they tend to move out of formation when the "front" isn't entirely specified. Also I've found when you set up the formation, diagonally the portraits can touch, but vertically and horizontally
  2. It would, though in the meantime all you can do is judge it by the front facing where the mouse pointer is.
  3. Thanks for the reply, great to feel there's communication between the backers and developers. And I certainly am enjoying the beta. Wonderful game so far, so keen for the full release!!
  4. I second this. It is great to see the developers communicating where they can with us. Just a thought, I know there was a pinned thread by BAdler about the know issues, but if the developers had the time could that thread be periodically updated with bugs that were found by developers/backers and being worked on. This would just keep us updated on what was happening in the background in response to our bug testing in the interim period between patches. Keep up the good work, loving it so far!
  5. Ah, that explained why I had to fight a boar mob, still won though....barely...there was like 12 of them. Thanks for the heads up. Also found that with your point 4, if it happens after exiting a building, re-entering and exiting again seems to fix it most of the time as well. Great game so far though. Glad we're all figuring out how to get around things.
  6. A suggestion for the UI when in combat when there are many enemies and it gets really crowded. It would be helpful to get a UI bar with a roster of enemies so it is easier to aim and allows easier monitoring of specific enemies. Not sure if anyone else feels the need for it, but I feel it would make combat management easier. Thanks, keep it up.
  7. About an hour into the beta, and WOW. Thanks Obsidian, not only does it look amazing but the world is fantastic. Keep up the great work!
  8. Just to add and incase you didn't know Prestigitator, ALT is used to toggle stealth.
  9. So apologies if this has already been posted and I've missed it. I've noticed that more often than not there is a glitch that occurs when you're indoors and you attempt to zoom in. The scene itself doesn't zoom but the perspectives for some of the NPCs and lighting changes. Some of the NPCs will have transparent doubles that will move outwards when scrolling in and back until they merge with their respective NPCs. Not sure how else to describe it, hopefully I'm not the only one to have noticed or have it happening. Thanks all. And Obsidian, your game is freaking amazing. Keep up the gr
  10. I think it has to do with the pathing. Found it happens randomly after you load an area, specifically if you move through a door, and the char gets stuck. You can either go back into the previous area and then progress forward again or as Pineapple said just reload. Hope it helps if it happens again.
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