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  1. It’s arguable that he does not. He holds the highest position in one branch of three that are coequal. Theoretically. Now when it comes to dealing with foreign powers the president is definitely the face of the United States. The executive is also the singular agent of the country in matters of foreign policy. But that’s not quite the same thing as what you were thinking
  2. Sorry buddy I’m represented by a guy name David Kustoff. Nice fella, maybe not the brightest candle in the cathedral but not bad. The President of the United States is just the head of the executive branch of the government. He’s not what you would call a head of state or any kind of representative of the people. Edit: Grom beat me to it
  3. Well if we ever amend article two and make the President commander-in-chief of the homeless I’ll agree with you
  4. That’s right I forgot about that. Johnson and Jorgensen definitely did not serve. As for Cohen in the military? That would be a laugh. It didn’t happen in my platoon but I heard of guys in Boot Camp who broke down crying and ended up washing out during forming week and early in First Phase. That would definitely have been himThat would definitely have been him
  5. We were talking about this a little while back. Actually I think the specific discussion was whether any president ever “dodged“ the draft. I looked it up: Let's see, Hoover was a Quaker and never served in the military for religious reasons FDR missed WWI was was SecNav before becoming President. No draft in his day. Truman served in the Army and National Guard as an artilleryman in WWI Eisenhower was a career military man and the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe in WW2 Kennedy was a naval officer and PT boat commander in WW2 Johnson was too young fo
  6. Only one candidate in this last election did. I voted for her!
  7. I didn't say it was Constitutional. I just said it was my opinion.
  8. There is absolutely no way to know Clinton’s level of involvement with Lawrence. Other than to note they were friends. Did Clinton do him a favor here? A phone call from the admin to the Pentagon could easily have gotten him in without too much attention paid to his record and without Clinton’s name attached to it. I don’t know. That is speculation.But as for saying it never happened at all is like saying “There are no rats in the barn. Oh, except that one”. Now I will admit my memory of this whole thing, upon which my first post was entirely based, let me down here. I remember the
  9. Sure. Of the 69 names we got most of them were a no brainer. One surely was not. Were there more? Some reputable news sources seemed to think so. No way to know. Of course what Trump is doing here, if he is behind this new “proposal” is as bad. Maybe worse because it is self aggrandizement. I think it likely is true. Edit: Yes I knew Lawrence was gone.
  10. @Gromnir Yes. The idea of a permanent military would have upset the framers very much. Madison and Franklin in particular IIRC. This (military service being a prerequisite for the Executive office) is purely my own opinion. There were 69 waivers granted during Clinton's Term. Not 5. Or at least The Clinton admin released 69 names in 1997 in response to this scandal. But according to the LA Times and Tampa Tribune there were 71 applications. Who were the other 2? No record I could find. I do remember this happening first hand. There was a lot of smoke and I don't mean "right wing ra
  11. Sand/Hades, Keleverin, & Tarna. You should have been around for Tarna. Hades was the troll. But they were good dudes and all way too young to go.
  12. Proposal to Allow Non-Veteran Presidential Burials at Arlington Draws Pushback There is a pay wall. I read the WSJ though. The gist of it is the Democrats and Vets are in a twist about a proposal coming from the "Pentagon" (meaning Trump indirectly) to permit non-veteran Presidents to be buried with honors in Arlington. Ironic considering his derisive comments about the people buried there. Of course the same goddamned Democrats were mute when Bill Clinton was selling Arlington burials to non-vets as political favors. Politics today though is "it's not wrong if we do it". Pers
  13. A lot of colorful characters have drifted in and out of here over the years. And I know of three that passed away while active members. All three were good people. Even if one was a merciless troll, he was still a good dude at heart!
  14. My favorite burger chain is Backyard Burgers. I've had In and Out, Red Robin, Steak and Shake, Burger Fi, Habit, Five Guys, etc. BYB > Them. But the best hamburger is Little Jimmie's BBQ in Covington. Don't look for that opening in Colorado though... there is onlt one Little Jimmie.
  15. I came in with KOTOR II. I was around on the old Black Isle forum but only a little. I was in the NWN forums all the time with Volo, Gromnir and others from BI. When I got here and saw a lot of familiar names is was cool. Most are long gone now. What keeps me? Interesting conversation. There is a pretty broad range of opinions here. Half the posters are from outside the USA and that is a plus. I like hearing about what's doing elsewhere. And an ousider's perspective on the US is always interesting. Most forums self segregate into opinion echo chambers or a bomb throwing range. That never
  16. Trump considers executive order ending birthright citizenships there are also a number of stories where people in the CIA and elsewhere are worried that he will reveal some of the nations secrets on his way out of office. Add that to the numerous election challenges that even he knows are now pointless. He appears committed to creating any kind of mischief he can in the time he has remaining even though he knows it is all over. Do you know who this guy is? This is Saruman going to the Shire after being kicked out of Isengard. hey I should get some points here for finding a way to a
  17. Overcast and rainy. A good day to stay inside and watch football and play computer games
  18. Is it just me or does anyone else get upset when dog meat gets injured in fallout four? Hearing him crying and seeing him flail around but you can’t run out to him because you’re under heavy fire from gunners? Very upsetting. Of course is he didn’t charge the damned baracade manned by guys with automatic weapons like a bad dog none of that would have happened.
  19. Of course. You would actually have a shot with the strippers. Assuming you’re not too objectionable looking and have at least $20 in your pocket. And don’t mind bullet scars and cigarette breath. LOL
  20. That’s like asking who is the prettiest stripper at the King Frog Truck Stop Restaurant and Caberet in Macon Georgia on a Tuesday afternoon.
  21. Seems Malc & I like the same kind of story. Political corruption, international intrigue, espionage, all it needs is a man in a tux and a couple of racy sex scenes (with a female preferably) to make it complete! Hey we love a good spy yarn!
  22. Following the trumps legal team press conference. So Biden‘s victory was actually a conspiracy between Venezuela and Cuba and China? That’s amazing! This sounds like a Brad Thor novel! I take it Rudy Giuliani will be the action hero that will save the day? Quite a story LOL
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