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  1. I was nice to them somewhat, I was understanding for the reason for casting me(exile) out, but I kept on and defended the reason for going to war.
  2. They sign contracts saying Lucas arts have the right to make a game go gold any time they wish. OE was not able to say: **** no, were not done.
  3. They are merely dread locks/pony tails.
  4. Ummm, it's not OE's job for technical support, it's LA's, OE patches, but it does not do customer support.
  5. My first and only character of the exile was the bearded white male head, focusing on the lightside with a mixture of dark and light skills, using a lime green single saber, who happens to be a guardian watchmen.
  6. it's between Nival Interactive and Akella, although 1c has made some great games as of late.
  7. I liked the "jeebus" one, even though I don't think he looks like that..... But I agree for the most part the white males look like crap, so did the ones KOTOR, I only liked the one with the scars and the cut off ear, with blonde hair, but the KOTORII faces look overall improved if not improved copies of the old revan heads.
  8. What does this have to do with the story line of KOTORII? anyway..... I much prefer Revan, in a battle Vader would be down and out before the bell was rung.
  9. What? You're joking right? Not angsty? Not a tortured soul? We talking about the same Atton here? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Haha, Yeah I know what your talking about.... Atton is carth, but worst, by the end of KOTORII, I had my atton dressed in the same way as I had carth dressed, from the little I got out of atton, the less I wanted to hear about his life story....
  10. The orginal endings would have been by far a better, but that's not what left a bad taste in my mouth personally, the thing I did not like was the fact there was little to no character backgrounds: So pretty much my feels are that there was no story development, I really hope that's Lucas's arts fault, and not planned to be like that....
  11. Sarcastic Response: Of course it's a online game.
  12. I hope not, KOTORIII does not need to be another rush job for the sake of getting it out in time for christmas.
  13. The colors are fine how they are, I'm tired of bright fourms that are hard on the eyes.
  14. Pretty much from what I gathered from the game itself, is that shes not really apart of the "dark side" it seems to me shes see the force as the reason for death in the galaxy, considering at exar kun, malak, raven, sion and whoever that other guy is which because of lucas arts is never explain who he is... no back story anyway, like them and those who came before have cost the lives of millions, billions or even trillions and zillions of deaths, and see thinks of the force is removed, that infact the corruption from the dark side would no longer be there, but that's simply my take on it, theres quite alot of plot holes because of the lack of time placed into the story..... damn you Lucas Arts.
  15. It's not OE's fault it's Lucas's arts fault, OE only designs the game, they have nothing to do with how long they got to do it in.
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