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  1. Bao-Dur. How can you not love him It's fun to watch him hack people down so effortlessly. You know he'll get any job done you send him to. He's very helpful "
  2. That definately would have brought more emotion to the story if you got to see your buddies all tore up in prison and you got to go save them. although i am happy they didn't use the atton death thing because 1) I don't think his character really had enough buildup for that. Maybe if there were more options with him to talk or do stuff other than play pazaak - fleshed out more- and 2) I hope he comes back for 3. then they could build up the relationship and kill him if that's how it has to go (it would be nice to have a happy ending with him & exile though ) And I just loved Bao-Dur and wouldn't want to see him killed And I don't think atton could take sion because you're the one whose supposed to knock off those 3 people like Kriea says - the one that likes pain, and power and the betrayer or something like that. You know, it's your job in the game
  3. oh yeah. Is that Disciple vote a joke? or is it for real?
  4. Wow. This was a hard choice. I have 3 favorite guys Atton, Ba0-Dur and Carth. They're all great and hot. But I picked Carth. So what if he's 40 something now. Our characters are probalbly old too. ( How old do you think you had to be able to fight in the mand.wars? I think Dustil is probably in his early twenties by now. Carth could have been like 20 when he was born so that would put Dustil at 18 during KOTOR 1.) Back to the hot guys. How could anyone not like Atton's personality. And he looks good just standing there in his undies " Bao-Dur is also extremely hot How could you not love him too. With his gentle voice and that hot body. (w00t) he's sexy. Carth.... that first holo got me too and brought a wave of joy to me I loved the interactions with him. when he would laugh and get mad and call my girl beautiful. He's #1 to me.
  5. I Love Carth I sure do hope they bring back atton for the next one. If they cut out his dying love scene then they should just bring him back so he can have the chance to know what *love* really is with our exile. (or give us Bao-Dur ) I think that would make up for not having a good relationship ending or relationship at all in this game
  6. I had that problem too. I'm on my 3rd playthrough and I've just now turned him into a jedi but I did it on the 1st planet after telos. (I went to dantooine) You just have to make sure he's the only one with you and talk to him after every influence gain. :D I was happy to hear his response when I said something that had to do with my boring old republic uniform and he said my new clothes were a pleasant distraction That made me happy. :D
  7. That makes sense. I wondered about that dialog with Bao-Dur and what it meant. Wow. That explains a lot. Thanks guys
  8. Atton to female exile : You like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life Exile : I happen to like nice men. (not disciple) Atton: I'm a nice man Exile: No your not, you're.. ***smooch***
  9. I completely agree. I was just plain upset when Kreia expected me to love that sorry Disciple at the end. I was like What?? I don't love him. Maybe they don't tell you anything good about Atton so he can come back in KO3 and try again for a romance - so maybe it will be worth it to not have a good ending with him in this game (hopefully) - build some more depth with the relationship you know.
  10. Oh yeah and also on Telos when you raid that guys room and he comes back and you kill him Kreia asks you something sarcastic about your behavior and Atton answers her. It's just funny. Funny if you kill the guy
  11. Planets- Dagobah Corrillia Maybe some kind of gas planet like Bespin Corusant that'd be cool Characters- Revan/Exile (of course) Carth/Atton Bastilla/Handmaiden Bao-Dur T3 & HK Canderous some new super cool character Just to tie up loose ends and have the awesome battle to save the galaxy or rule the whole galaxy. Really I wan't my people to end up happy and to have some fantastic movie parts (I liked it when the HK droid shot down my shuttle on Telos that looked great) and more dialog options all throughout the game or as much as possible. Let your female Exile have Bao-Dur as a love interest Extras- I think it would be fun to see how the KO2 characters would interact with KO1 characters. Carth with Atton's personality and Bastilla with the Handmaiden some interesting conversations there I bet.
  12. I loved being able to talk to Carth too and how he's still waiting for my girl revan to come back to him. I hope that happens because he's had some rough luck with women. 4 years after his wife dies he meets Revan and falls in love with her and then she goes to save the galaxy and he's waiting another 4 years. Patient man. I love him. I also just liked Atton's whole attitude. And when you have him with you when you get the disciple (female char.) it's funny. If you have mira and atton when you meet him he says something sarcastically funny about throwing a party on the Ebon Hawk.
  13. Yeah and It says with a female character Atton will impart some witty repartee. I just wondered if it was cool or not
  14. I was wondering if anyone had noticed any new dialog from Atton or the handmaiden after you beat the game light side and dark side. The strat.guide says there is on your 3rd time I was wondering if it was exciting or even noticeable
  15. Darth Traya - You've got to be a good bad guy to cheat with those lightsabers
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