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  1. I'd like to make a water colouring request for two of my favourite portraits by Jason Seow, could I tempt you @mookzung, I really love your style and I'd love to see what you can do to these! :D
  2. So I tried and failed and now I give up, anyone feel like applying the parchment/watercolour effects to this salty sailor?
  3. I've been trying and failing to add the water colour/parchment effect to this portrait (using all the tutorials avaliable here and else where) and so far I'm really not having any luck. Could anyone help me out? Both with the effect and the portrait sizes?
  4. Been trying to apply the water colour/parchment effect (using the various tutorials here and elsewhewre) to this portrait and I've thus far failed very badly, could anyone give me a hand?
  5. So no cloak fix for Max and Linux users? :\ thats a bit ****e...
  6. So the capes aren't rendering, I'm using a Mac Book. I'm aware that this was an issue in the Beta Backer versions and was also experienced by Linux users. Is there a way we can fix this? Or will we have to wait for a patch... kinda poor form on the part of the Obsidian team, but hey the asides from this I think the game is brilliant!
  7. experiencing the same problem... pretty poor form but hey, least the game is playable...
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