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  1. I believe "Shogun" features such puzzles. It's an oldish Infocom/Legend adventure (written by the author of the novel) that involves figuring out Japanese grammar. I never played it but www.theunderdogs.org gave it a very good review.
  2. Perhaps not the top choice, but I think that Kreia was masterfully sarcastic.
  3. No, you won't. You are far to fond of your own words to delete a single one of them, regardless of how irrelevant they might be. Although I agree with Aegis (whose "attacks" where more than fair, by the way, and didn't deserve such a hot-tempered defense on your part), I think I will stay out of this one. That is because this is clearly a monologue thread, not a discussion.
  4. Personal Crystal? How the hell did I miss that? I read the faq posted above and saw that you are supposed to find it in the Cave on Dantooine. Problem is: I didn't! Is it only in the X-Box version perchance? Or am I simply blind, daft and dumb?
  5. I see that you have got a point but I also see that I don't see it ... ehm, if that makes any sense (in my defence, I am a linguist) This interests me. If you can provide a step-by-step explanation for dummies, I would apreciate it.
  6. But assuming he had always lied before: Then the statement would be "the truth" and therefore a paradox because it disqualifies its own content. S: "This (S) true statement is false." Assuming he had never lied before, or only ocasionally: Then the statement would be false and still be a paradox: S:"This (S) false statement is false". Because the statement is refering to itself in an incorrect way.
  7. But don't we have to assume that a statement is valid for it to be a possible paradox? And isn't "I always lie" basically the same as "This statement is false"? Since, if the speaker always lies, as he claims, then this particular statement would be lie, too. Ergo: "This statement is false." If we discard them as meaningless/false to begin with, then none of the alternatives above would qualify as paradoxes, if I understand you correctly. We would simply assume them to be lies.
  8. Where is the problem with that, by the way? In my oppinion, it would only be a paradox if it were phrased: "Is 'no' the answer to this question?"
  9. Hmm, I guess that's about all the 'Dark Side' runs up to: Domination. As for ruling the galaxy: Palpatine managed to accomplish this "implausible" task, after all. I wouldn't doubt that the "untold adventures of DS Revan" could lead to the same result, especially because he/she has a "Death Star" from the very beginning. Me neither. There will be lots of stories left to be told. But again, the task of showing these further developments in this particular medium, without breaking its very foundations, is too daunting. Both LS and DS main characters would do lots of things in the future, b
  10. But they would have to if they continue in this way.
  11. Thanks. I should try it out. After all, playing Ultima was so important to me back then that I nearly had a hard attack when I found out that VII (1) was bugged and couldn't be finished without a patch. Yes, that was before the internet. IV was still the best, though. Completely unique. But perhaps we should start an off-topic thread for this one. Have to go now. See you around, guys
  12. And I loved Ultima! (Until I finished VIII, that is ) . But Ultima was not a multi-path game. It was as single-path as can be imagined. You are the Avatar, the incarnation of Virtue in a Fantasy world and you return again and again and again to finish a given plot with a fixed ending. Of course you can write great sequels to that. And, in this case, breaking with continuity would be a mistake, since the whole Avatar-theme is what made the series. Kotor, however, is something completely different. And concerning "variations of the same theme": Star Wars itself is as "variation of the sam
  13. I'm confused... doesn't it have an effect on the storyline when a bad Revan burns the galaxy with his massive fleet and a good Revan builds a lot of petting zoos? I mean, after only five years and with many of the old crew still hanging around, it would be strange to find no trace of the rather extreme endings of Kotor 1 - unless one made them completely irrelevant. And I don't know how that is to be considered satisfying. So people would rather have inconsequential endless continuity than one good and final ending? Because they "want to know what happens to their characters"? That's wei
  14. So? That makes me a second level whiner while you are still a first-class imbecile. Anyway, you should give progress a shot. In your case, it would be called "evolution". And before you trouble yourself with looking it up: I mean that strange power that might present your line with opposable thumbs one glorious day. As for continuing this little exchange, lets do it via PM. I hope to hear from you soon, since I have so little opportunity to whine about monosyllabic gibberish where I live. Oh, and by the way: It's not called "whining" but "insulting", and I enjoy it quite a bit in your case
  15. Actually, that reminds Most Holy of a fitting parable. Fetch a pen, Boobah! What Most Holy is trying to say is: Giving people a cameo of Revan is a little like throwing him from a rooftop. As for your point about the title, Most Holy will take the liberty to quote himself, because Most Holy is above shame:
  16. See what I mean, you are a blathering imbecile. Your statement is still totally weak, since you only give your opinion without adding any argument whatsoever. "Durrh, me think Kotor II real good. Good balancing. Story good. Kotor 2 good. Duuurrh." That might pass for professional criticism in your trailer park, but certainly finds less resonance in areas where the genepool is denser populated. If you consider the whole "Revan in search of the Uber-Sith" plot interesting, then by all means, draw a little picture of it and show it to your wife and sister - perhaps she would like to see it. B
  17. Yep, that's what I believe as well. And therefore, I really hope that we don't see the two of them again, since playing spirit-entities or nascent godlings on some weird pseudo-metaphysical battleground is not what I call a fulfilling Star Wars experience. So let bygones be bygones, let Revan and Exile pass into the realms of legends and give us a new storline.
  18. I see your point and apologize for the rather aggressive tone of my note. It's just that you quoted my post, so I took it that you had either grossly misunderstood my intent or hadn't paid any attention to my arguments and wanted to attack me nevertheless. Although I basically agree with you, I believe our main concerns are different. You are trying to find a way to wrap up the the existing storyline, which lacks a satisfying ending. To do that, you would rather sacrifice a little choice than give up the whole plot, if I understand you correctly. I am thinking about KOTOR and multi-pat
  19. Feel free to join the discussion about the applicability of continuity in KOTOR
  20. To clear things up: Revan and Exile are clearly meant to be going to strange places where weird sh*t happens and common mortals do not dare to tread -a highly symbolical journey, in my opinion, but I could be mistaken here. Personally, I don't give a d*mn whether this "place" that is their destination is located beyond the rim, below the rim or between the rim, in the dark places, unknown places, soft places or spooky places, in New York, London, Moscow or Berlin. I was more interested in what you expect or want them to find there. But since this thread is public property, you are of c
  21. Do I sound like a hardcore suffragette to you? Have you even read any of the previous posts or were you just skimming through the last few lines? In any case, I think you are missing the point of my argument. What was "progressive" about Kotor (compared to "Infernal temple of sinister Evil" or whatever) was that it gave you a (limited) choice of who to be and what to do. That is the essential quality of Kotor. It is a multi-path game, and (to repeat myself) you can't write direct sequels to multi-path games without either making the ending of the previous one irrelevant (Kotor 2), coming up wi
  22. Now I really hope that this question wasn't answered during the game and I missed it. In this case, feel free to write merciless posts about how stupid I am. The best one gets a price!
  23. Is that from a movie? Or just an example of inadequate romantic representation of "human evolution" ?
  24. But if you do not want to make TSL irrelevant, then you would have to give the Exile a major role as well. And then the number of possible (and meaningful)combinations would be quite mind-blowing for the creators. (Or so I suppose) This "insane" way of writing games is (proto-)Obsidian's speciality, and I enjoy it. You are right of course, they could make great Star Wars RPGs the easy way. But -especially after lurking on this board for two weeks- I know three things: a) there is a large crowd of fanatical Darth-disciples (which is of no surprise to me whatsoever ) b) there are many fe
  25. Thanks, ShadowPaladin. I was looking for a word that meant "sequel" without meaning "sequel" ... errm, you know what I mean. So, I would be perfectly happy with KOTOR being a franchise. And KOTOR would profit from that as well.
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