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  1. I can't Support steam with good conscience. Giving that you don't truly own your games and they have the worst costumer service I've ever experienced sans tangling with the government. The monopoly thing doesn't ever imply good things either....... and the immense amount of trash that gets unloaded on the platform, also the ease in which the early assess devs seem to screw people over makes me sick. I'm probably still bitter over the making of Skyrim a steam exclusive and the general trend it set. I bought a physical copy of Skyrim so I was a bit shocked when it installed steam on my computer. Before that I'd never thought such a thing was possible. Kinda depressing for me really. More naive times, simpler for me back then.... Ima go now.
  2. I just hope they are able to enjoy themselves. Down time is good for all and necessary even. Letting loose and whatnot, we can just hope it isn't marred in some way.
  3. It always depresses me when I see Pre-orders top steam, along with early access and all sorts of unproven things. That said, exceptions for every rule. Well deserved in this case. hugs for all.
  4. People already have their keys?! That stings. ON THE OTHER HAND ,
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