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  1. KOTORII is like KOTOR1 but more... a lot more... I was stuck in my room for several days in KOTOR1, I filed a leave of absence for a week for KOTORII. I forego food while playing KOTOR1, I leave my pc only when needed in KOTOR2. its a new world when you play KOTORI, its a bigger world and a lot more connected in KOTOR II The gameplay, the plot concept is stunning and great.... BUT... I spent several hours rebooting my pc in KOTOR1, more so in KOTOR II KOTOR1 crashed at least 2 times a day for me... 2x for KOTOR2.. for short its a great sequel... not only did it carry everything I love about KOTOR1 but also .. doubled the fun and immersion.. sadly it also carried over all the things I hate about KOTOR1 and worse.. it doubled that too..
  2. here's a consolation for you... but beware the path of the cargo hold... http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=32187 dun say I didn't warn you!
  3. can't... type... much... speechless.. eyes glued to mira... (w00t) (w00t)
  4. sorry no reply about HL2 story, I got severe motion sickness after 2 hrs of playing and had to be rushed to the hospital...
  5. come to think of it... LA prolly earn a lot of money selling virtual guide to the SW Eu and package it along with the Solar System and say that it is for education...
  6. ohh why limit yourselves... have the game span the entire SW EU... from 5k before to 50yrs after SW movies!
  7. sadly my uneducated self in the world of art has no idea who those people are...
  8. *peeks out of The Hole * war still on?? oh oh the big S warning is blaring! *dives back to The Hole*
  9. no he does not, even handmaiden gave the same reply... seems they reveled in DS secretly.. tempted by the offer I guess and tried to hide this from the exile.... they never will tell you anything...
  10. Some posters in this forums have discussed over and over again how stories over lap with the time constraints and other points given by a publisher. I would like to present to you a quote from a discussion, a link in fact, from the recent GDC. I would also like to collect ideas from the future readers and discuss this point also. "So, where does the industry go from here? Schafer had a couple of ideas. For one, he says that the talent who can create great stories and characters is out there, they just need to be brought into the industry. He says that things will change over time as we bring in new blood and they get familiar with games and how to integrate story into gameplay. Schafer also says that game developers can strive to be experimental without letting their publishers know (the crowd of developers watching the talk interrupted Schafer to applaud.) He says that whenever he pitches ideas to publishers, he talks about all the safe, standard features... and about the explosions." http://www.gamespy.com/articles/596/596223p1.html
  11. you're better off cheating! nothin new, the random item thingy is broken or dumb and the enemies, well they're dumb easy and modified to your level... as far as I know, you wasted a small portion of your life you're never gonna get back... so you might as well sue LA for that..
  12. wouldn't it be easier if you just write these things in a resume and pass it to obsidian rather than posting it right here... it is more like materials for nwn 2 than kotor. or perhaps you should write a book, there are many sites that offer to publish books from independent writers, very much the same as aimo(one of the posters here) rather than waiting for chance to send offers to you...
  13. Feb. 21, 2005 march 5, 2005 march 14, 2005 hehehe, are you collecting your friend's drawings?? btw give my praises to fred for the drawings and ask him what was his inspiration aside from KOTOR...
  14. *peeks out of "THE HOLE"* If we're discussing KOTOR as a whole might as well post this here. After visiting another forum on Kotor II, this one more on fanfic, I noticed that someone post an idea that Revan tried to kill the Exile by sending the exile to Malachor V. anyways I wanted to collect ideas from you guys about this point. *ducks back to "THE HOLE"*
  15. wow... I've seen a lot of long post but not this long. about your arguement, have you tried to read some of the threads here? People here have a nasty habit of discussing the most trivial of things and trust me when I say your theories will certainly be put to test here.. *ducks before the big guns start popping
  16. how about a game based on LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth, using the CnC Generals engine? Let's call it SW: Empire at War... http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/starwa...tml?q=Star+Wars or call it... Rage of the Wookies? http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/starwarsgal...ws_6120076.html
  17. he's techie that designs the sim & stuff for the military.. btw who released the game?? LA or Obsidian?
  18. heheh nice drawing.. but seriously no need to be shy.. I see an undeniable resemblance with the sketches and your avatar.. so either your "friend" draw your avatar or you drew this.. I'm betting on the latter.. still these are great drawings.. BTW.. they have an arthur feeling to it...
  19. wow... a choice, revenge or a chance to save your friends.. and it was cut?? even if only this part was left in.. it could mean a lot for the closure for the game..
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