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  1. These two spells(one from wizard, one form druid) still do less and less damages with each jump to almost nothing. Similar spells like Mind Blades from Cipher and Chain lightning from wizard, don't have this problem and behavior.
  2. ~ Wizard Spell Substantial Phantom completely go wild and cast not only spells in the description but all kind of spells including high level spells like wall of many colors and chain cast Substantial Phantom itself. The Phantom blast all kind of AoE that may also hurt the party members. A very unreliable(either OP or devastation to the party) spell now. ~ Watery Double spell of the watershaper druid is still launching dull basic attacks and not fixed in the patch.
  3. That's one way of doing it, I somewhat agree. But no games,not even one, I've played can achieve that. Balancing is a tricky thing, making all selections equally enticing are nearly impossible and have a risk to make all things monochrome. I agree some spells and abilities could use help to let people consider using them, but I doubt those balancing would reach a satisfying level even after last patch is done.
  4. While I'm not much of a fan of empower myself, why should it need to be removed? If you want to make the game more challenging, you can easily just opt not to use it, after all. The same logic can apply to all those overpower stuffs,weapons....., no nerf is needed if you avoid to use them. But that's not my point. You can clearly see that I am aware some people might love what empower currently is, *so I am not asking to remove it* but instead give an option for another possibility. My opinion that empower shouldn't be there is the 1st place is, at most, a personal opinion that is not from the designer.
  5. It might be too late, but... First, let's face it, there are spells/abilities better(or say more useful) than others in each level for every class. In old D&D or POE1, when spells are memorized, you will have slots filled with more general purpose spells and occasionally replace them with a more specialized spell to deal with special conditions. (cure poison for spiders,mind shield for mindflayers.......) All those *less useful* spells are actually good under certain circumstances, though less/rarely used, have their places. Now, when ability point is super important in POE2 when leveling, what are you going to choose? Wizards are somewhat saved by the grimoires, but priest/druid/chanter... will suffer most from their spell selections. There are some spells going from less used to never used, from sometimes useful to totally useless. You have a lot of spell selection but they are just decorations now. Any chance for remedy? Now back to the empower system, imho, it's what break the hard core experience and thus the balance, especially for those want to experience higher difficulty setting. Instead of empower or replenish your spells/abilities, won't it be better that it acts as a source that you can use to cast those spells abilities that haven't been chosen when leveling up? It can be restricted like what empower does, one per encounter, and some before rest. And yes, to be honest, I think empower should be removed completely(leave it to prestige levels) to make this game more challenging, especially at POTD or veteran setting, but I am not asking that since I know there might be some people love it. At the very least, please, let the orange button be the source of the never seen spells/abilities. Dear devs, you have design the spells/abilities and make those cool animations, and now, please give us the chance to use and see them!
  6. Why so? What does Int accomplish for the martial MC? Durations of self-buffs? By the time you get it you have enough resources to just renew them. AoE size matters! (for martial MCs, too) There are special AoE weapons, AoE weapon modals, abilities like Barbaric Shout, Heart of Fury, Whirling Strike, (not sure if7how it affects Carnage), then there's Paladins. I think the list goes on. And along with +20% fire damage later. I don't know if it's a bug, but the extra fire damage seems to strike on any aoe in melee range, even spells.
  7. Backstab with range weapons is limited by the range, isn't it? If it's still 2m as the backstab skill description describes, I don't think it's going to be useful.
  8. I agree with all of it. A small internal cooldown on swift flurry and drumming would allow for greater build variety and more fun if it also applied to ranged weapons. But I believe that this was already done while also making it melee only? Ranger pet is more of a penalty then anything in this game. This is why I always pick ghostheart. Cipher is for sure a one trick pony and is imo the most boring class in the game by far. For rogue backstab u need plenty of stealth or invisibility to reliably backstab. It is however not worth playing around this because that 100% Xtra dmg is not impressive because it scales poorly when u have so many additive dmg modifiers already. I'd have backstab changed into a Raw lash instead. Guess I miss that swift flurry has been tuned down in last patch; but still I feel kind of cheating using it. Actually the whole monk skill tree is so amazing and broken at the same time. Lol. Won't be surprised if further nerfs coming in. Obsidian seems to have a hard time balancing summoning or extra companion; the way the pet provide for ranger is more a burden than a help hand. You have to spam your skills while taking extra action to take care of the pet is not ok at all. Maybe the pet should have their own resource pool to act as a minor companion; but I guess some might argue that's too op then. Can't agree more that cipher at the moment is the most boring class. Seems to be a supplement of martial class than a class of its own. Sad to know the backstab doesn't have its place; maybe dropping the most dangerous foe(ex wizards...) before a fight isn't a tactic here?
  9. - unlock companion subclass kit once personal quest completed and relationship is positive. (I like what is done in dragon age that companions can teach you something) - random spawn sea combat encounter(not just pirates, naga or sea monsters jumping on your decks...); later in the game you have none but dull open seas......... - Lure or bait (sold in special vendor) that could be used (on sea or wild area) to attract random wild monsters for combat and loot pleasures.
  10. Cheating: Being a monk mostly, especially swift flurry+ heartbeat drumming. Make it melee only doesn't help. Either triggering chance reduced or a CD should be placed. Any creatures in this game that are crit or backstab immune? Gimped: Druid wildshape: I don't know how to use it when I can do better with just my equipments(both off/def wise) or even bare hands. Ranger mostly: Pet is there to be wiped and give penalty. (I might be a bad ranger player) Cipher: charm/dominate works wonder sometimes, but feel like one trick pony. Rogue: Anyone kindly share how to backstab like D&D do before a combat? I find it really really hard to backstab just rely on sneaking.
  11. Thanks, just for your information, wizard Tayan's Chaotic Orb behaves like fire bug but chain lightning spell doesn't become weaker for each jump though chain lightning won't jump back to already hit foe target. (Test with two enemies) Imho, the shrinking is too severe to make the spell quite pointless.
  12. Try the druid firebug spell, it seems that it does diminishing damages with each jump to almost nothing for the last few jumps. The spell description doesn't states that it becomes weaker for each jump. So this should be a bug?
  13. The blessing states it doubles the skill bonus, but what it actually does is plus 2 to all base skills, this gives some multi-class great advantages, don't know if it's intended?
  14. As title, a minor but annoying bug. Tekehu is not only resistant to water attack but also beneficial water spell like the Moon Well. And as in other thread, some summon spell like watery double and wizard's substantial phantom are uncontrollable now(thus unable to cast spell).
  15. Hi there, just to let you know, the spell Substantial Phantom of the wizard has the same problem.
  16. The Druid kit description says that water and frost spells cast "this way" are foe-only; "this way" pretty clearly refers back to the previous sentence which says that he gets a special set of water/frost spells as a Watershaper. So it is only the special Watershaper spells that are foe-only, and the kit description does say that. Oh mine, thanks, it does seem like what you can, only those auto learn water spells are foe only. Still,it's far better than storm caller.
  17. Tekehu's kit combination is funny. Perhaps the best druid subclass and worst chanter class. Please reconsider the Stormspeaker design, losing summon is too much as a penalty for chanters. Maybe limit the summon option instead(No undead, no shade..... but keep the wyrms)? Without him, we don't have pure chanter companion. Never like pallegina as a MC chanter, and imho, chanter simply doesn't fit in her character design, a self righteous paladin that command a group of skeletons? And please, fix Tekehu's water spells, hail storm and overwhelming waves hurt party members though they are water/frost spells.
  18. Only if they can add a blessing that allow your multi class PC to choose one level 8 and then one level 9 ability/spell, I don't mind if it cost like 20 pts to buy.
  19. Did some test with nature godlike. Sorry, just ignore this post. Got it answered somewhere else.
  20. Then how about tab highlight the loot on the ground? Sometimes it's really easy to overlook the loot without highlight.
  21. I have a question here. Quest-xp only works as intended if players play as the dev expect so that they can control the leveling pace. What if not? if the player simply spread their exploration without completing a quest, does that mean they might constantly overcome some random or set combats without getting any xp rewards until they are "forced" to completing quests before they can going on? Wouldn't that somewhat limit the freedom of exploration?
  22. casting animations and sounds ask for a slower default game speed as currently everything is attacking fast, casting fast and moving fast. Not really. In bg/bg2, many spells casting are almost immediate but still IE handle them pretty well.
  23. If he didn't mean it in a negative way towards those who want some change, then I sincerely apologize to C2B. Though it certainly sounded like he said that we don't matter. As for Obsidian's reputation, well if this game fails, it will hurt their reputation in my eyes, especially if it turns out that the game failed because of the problems they were warned about and they chose to ignore, early in the development. Same here. To be honest, we hard-core rpg fans are in sort of "Minority" these days. It's somewhat a "miracle" that PoE get so much love and trust. But it also means it would be unwise to divide the fan base among such an important aspects of design. We still want to see the expansion and the sequel going on. If the project fail to earn most of its supporters, the vision of the project won't be bright.
  24. +1. There should be more trivial info on what the characters are doing. Also the casting animation and chanting.
  25. HA! Come on Hamster you do not have to be a dev to know when it is too late for massive changes to a game. They want this out asap. Look at the feedback they asked for. Big sweeping changes suggested will simply be ignored. Even if there were a supermajority of backers calling blood it is unlikely Obsidian can afford to delay. We'll see, we'll see. After all, Obsidian's reputation is on stake. I don't think they have to worry about any of you. Also keep this thread going. Helps me entertain myself. I am glad you are not the Dev. Those comments are not so called a respect to all those help funding the project.
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