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How do I select Steam or GoG?

Darren Monahan


Updated on March 30, 2015


Hi everyone, one question we get sometimes is, "Where do I select Steam or GoG for my digital downloads?"


Now that the game has shipped, you can redeem your digital rewards on the Products tab of your Account Profile. Example items that will be here include the digital novella, almanac, soundtrack, and perhaps most importantly, your game keys.


For each digital download you have as part of your tier or addons, you'll be able to choose which platform you want for each one.So let's say you pledged for the Slacker Backer tier, and then added an additional digital download addon later. After the game launches, you'll have two available keys listed on the Downloads tab, and you'll be able to choose which platform you want to redeem on for each key. After you've selected the platform, your key will be there for you to retrieve again at any time in the future too.




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Ultimately, you know you gotta go the route of Blizzard and come up with something akin to "battle.net" so that players can just download straight from you guys.


Just....don't become greedy like them - none of this always online bull$#%#

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HumbleBundle seems to be the answer to the DRM-free Linux problem. Now that they have a Store they have more to offer than gog.com with it's artificial limitation to Windows and MacOSX.

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You do realise that whatever hosting platform they chose would be physically executed by a third party company, just like hosting with Steam or GoG? Except that unlike Steam or GoG it would cost a lot more to implement and would likely be less reliable in the long term?


Just sayin'.

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Everything is nice ,although I have a bit different question as this seems to only apply to kickstarter backers.

What about later backers, if I pledge now through website will I have the option to choose platform?

As description on pledges is "DRM-free" only, no Steam info.

Let me know as this will determine if I'll pledge now or wait for the release.



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It´s now dated information. GOG got Linux-Support round a month ago, so this passage should be updated to "DRM-free Gnu/Linux-Version will be publsihed via GOG, too!

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As Linux Support has been added to GOG (one month ago) the search for a DRM-free distibutor should have ended, shouldn´t it?

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Well, I don't have "downloads" tab on my account, only "orders" and "products"? Why my account is missing this tab?

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I foolishly started the download from gog.com but could never complete it since it throws curruption errors and alwayes starting download from the same location.

is there a way to reset the downloader? I tried downloading 3 times but always it is corrupted.

is there a way to replace to steam?

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is there a way to replace to steam?


Nope, they are different stores. Did you directly download the game or use the GOG Galaxy client?

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