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  1. For me, after turn 18 the left box says 4 adventures are available but the main screen is empty, so yeah... The Keep is bugged.
  2. So it should be visible in the DLC tab of the game? As it is empty for me unfortunately.
  3. Everything is working, except it seems there is no pre-order bonuses for backers? I read somewhere that it should be included (probably) for us? Am I wrong?
  4. A quick question about new "downloads" tab on portal... I don't see in my account... Only "orders" and "products" tab. Why isn't download section available to me?
  5. Well, I don't have "downloads" tab on my account, only "orders" and "products"? Why my account is missing this tab?
  6. Everything is nice ,although I have a bit different question as this seems to only apply to kickstarter backers. What about later backers, if I pledge now through website will I have the option to choose platform? As description on pledges is "DRM-free" only, no Steam info. Let me know as this will determine if I'll pledge now or wait for the release. Cheers Matt
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