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Skull and Shackles Characters

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That being said the Skulls and Shackles adventure set can be quite confusing. Ive been playing it in real life for months now and there are plenty of rules that may be too complicated. The set characters are specialized to deal with the new details of Pirates, Swashbuckling, and Ships which would be useless outside SKulls and Shackles.


I like new classes, but there would need to be ways to get all of them cheaply especially if theyre coming all at once. More character slots are necessary to accommodate them. There are 11 characters so far and 24 slots. 8 new classes and 4 new alternate characters would require 16-24 new slots.


I have 3 Suggestions:

1 Cheaper characters(or free alternate characters), 

2 More Character Slots,  and this would be a good time to have

3 some sorting options of characters(by class, name, number of adventure/scenarios completed, manually).

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I am concerned that players will have to start over with a new group of basic characters with no ability to crossover between them. If that is the case then its really a waste to keep playing if every new set means you have to effectively start over to play it.


I think that's exactly how it would work, should we get a new adventure deck.  It would be really hard to rebalance early scenarios if you're showing up to Skull & Shackles with a tooled-up party from RotR.


I'm really not sure what the alternative would be.  People have considered such ideas in the tabletop version of the Pathfinder ACG, and the consensus is that there's really no way to make it work to carry over leveled characters from one set to the next.


Probably the best you could hope for is for Obsidian to create some AD7+ content for RotR.


It would and would not be a problem to carryover existing characters. A major benefit to have new Base Sets would be to have more Skill, Power, and Card feat upgrades. That would allow you to get closer to actually reaching a character's limits. That being said people could CHOOSE to make new basic characters. Just dont force people to reset.


Its really balancing things for both hardcore and casual players. If you make the game too hard youll drive away people that could be paying.

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