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[BUG?]Cannot respec to 1st level abilities and weapon proficiencies



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I really wish they'd let us use the console. With how modable the game is I could add in Armor of Invulnerablity and a Staff of One-shot. It makes locking the console pretty silly and prevents us from fixing this sort of thing our selves.

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Some Permanent buffs disappear as well whenever you retrain the Watcher. One that i have noticed is the "Effigy's Resentment" buff, this is a permanent buff that change depending on your PoE 1 Save, in my case it was the "Durance" version.


A bit of a shame since the watcher ability's can not be acquired anywhere else and the Effigy buff can only be acquired once, this leave you unable to retrain the watcher unless you want a disadvantage.

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