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I play a Wizard/Cipher.

I think the cipher abilities working on Focus complements the wizard well, in that if you use out your spell slots for the fight, you can still get Cipher spells via focus and keep on casing.

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Builds I've made so far...


Devoted/Pillar-  Quite strong, good survival options for a striker, spammable CC with raised torment.

Nature Godlike Pillar-  Very strong striker, less survival options than the Devoted/pillar however. 

Paladin/Troubadour-  Not as my MC, just a group healing over time tank.  (Ancient memory+exalted endurance)


I might try a multi class with troubadour next, but I will probably try to finish the game with one of the above first.

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A build I've tried that I haven't seen posted anywhere is Ranger(Ghost Heart/Sharpshooter)/Lifegiver.

The utility is somewhat novel, as you still get the DPS of a ranger, but access to healing spells. Plus the bear spiritshift is a great panic button for a not-so-tanky ranger. Makes a passable back-line healer that can still deal some decent damage with a bear companion if you're sick of playing priest.


I'd imagine a Stalker/Lifegiver would probably be better, as you could actually make a tank out of it, but I think it works somewhat well with the ranged subclasses as a striker/support.


I also have really been enjoying Sharpshooter/Beguiler as a long range striker.

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Shattered Pillar/Soulblade


Real nice DPS setup with high burst damage (most nothing survives a 150 Raw damage attack). Could be a bit fragile if dumping Armor to aid recovery, so play accordingly.


Responsible for 80% ish damage of the entire party.

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