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So I have the magistrate's cudgel equipped on Eder, and the initial ability on it is 


"Judge: Marked for 30.0 sec on scoring Hit, +10 Accuracy against targets affected by Judged effects."


this works the first hit after equipping it or switching weapon sets in combat, after that the debuff no longer gets applied to enemies, I've had Eder enter combat by himself to try this. You can earn the first level still by switching his weapon sets around until it unlocks but after that it still doesn't apply the effect. I'm unsure if there is an ability overwriting it or anything or if its unique to only Eder, I wouldn't know since I haven't bound it to anyone else.


I should note that this is my second play through and I've only experienced this bug running the Beta Patch 73. My original game didn't have this problem in the regular release client. I'll upload my latest save.




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My experience is that Judgement works for one full combat after equipping it/switching to it/reloading the game. It will not work in the 2nd combat unless any of those actions are performed again.


Unfortunately, this means for testing purposes, the bug only appears after the first combat.

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I bound the Magistrate's Cudgel to Edér (fighter) and for some reason the Judge effect is not applied to enemies. He have managed to get 31/250 dmg done, but now he can't increase that number.


I have tried with him solo encounters just so he should be guaranteed enough time to apply the effect (which should be a 100% chance on hit with the current wording on the item) and do damage but nothing is happening.

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Hi Niml!


Sorry for the late reply! This issue is logged in our database and should be resolved for patch 1.1. Let me know if this issue is still a problem!





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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