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Possible Memory Leak/Bloat



Bug:  After running for multiple hours game appears to run more sluggishly, enough so it becomes noticeable to the naked eye. 

Repro Steps: 

1. Start Game 
2. Play it for hours on end because it's awesome. 
3. Observe degraded performance. 


1.  I have not confirmed if this is tied into the loading of new assets.  From observation it appears that new assets get loaded into temporary memory as you play the game and then are dumped when you exit game.  As such multiple summons, monsters, and areas slowly bloating the memory footprint may be relevant.  Or it may not be.  Coding is hard :D. 

2.  The area I found this most easy to notice is right in front of the Wild Mare in Queen's Berth.  The copious amount of water there seems to put a small strain on my system I can barely notice during fresh starts.  After playing for awhile this degrades considerably though to where it FEELS like it was under 30 FPS, perhaps as low as 20. 

3.  I've only been able to repro this 3 times so far, but it's been consistent.  No idea of hours needed to repro as I'm busy being sucked into the game lol.  My guess would be 3+ but I'd also try 5+.  As mentioned making it load as many assets as possible in temporary memory may impact this if that ends up being relevant.


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