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Incorrect Flag in Watershaper's Guild Quest



This is a live game bug.

CONTAINS A SPOILER (I couldn't figure out how to do spoiler tags)


I just finished freeing the dragon in the Watershaper's Guild by siphoning its soul.  When I spoke to Queen Onekazu afterwards, she gave me a quest to treat with the Wahaki.  During that discussion, she mentioned that I "dealt peacefully with them on Motare o Koze."  Only problem--I haven't BEEN to Motare o Koze yet!

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Sorry to pop in without any help for you, but you’re the only person I’ve seen who’s actually siphoned his soul. How did you do it? It’s not letting me do it.



During the fight, the tentacles will try to destroy the machine-type thing on the shielded ward spot. You can heal it and buff it to stop that happened, but if they manage to destroy it then you no longer have the option to siphon him.

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