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[bugs] Pathfinding and Xoti dialogue





I'll post what I can later to help with the bugfixing, but I've encoutered two relatively major bugs in my +- 10h playthrough so far. They are not gamebreaking, but annoying enough.


1 : pathfinding issues, specifically at the Engwithan dig site on Maje island and in the tavern in Port Maje. Basically, characters cant move within a room, the cursor sticks to a red halt sign (especially the case on the lower floor of the tavern in Port Maje). Fixed by restarting steam and reloading the game (twice).


2 : Xoti's dialogue : more serious to me, Xoti's dialogue seemed to jump miles ahead when Pallegina joined the party. After less than a minute (in real time) with the party, Xoti was already attacking Pallegina for her anti-religious stance... Theyre hadn't been any banter yet between them.


Xoti also got very friendly with the PC out of the blue. While I had supported her for her duty on a handful of occasions, it seemed to me as if there had been no relationship building before her declaring her love... That being said, Xoti is a bit "new to the world", so maybe she is just emotionally vulnerable and hence, quick to jump in ?


Damn, am I a douchebag ?

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Hello dukeisaac,


Thanks for your post! Ill get the issue in with the Digsite now so our devs can look into it. As far as Xoti, we have done an extensive haul of the system with dispositions to fix the matter for a patch later this week!





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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