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Edér false import flag problem.


Does anyone know of a console/debug command to fix the wrong import flag having being set by the game when import the savegame from PoE1 in which got the following ending:



Knowing the gods are fake, Edér settles down in Dyrford

Eder chose not to return home to Gilded Vale. Still most comfortable far from cities, he settled in Dyrford, which, like many towns in the Dyrwood, was beginning the slow process of rebuilding.

Believing now that it was the obligation of kith to be the leaders their gods had not, Eder was soon named mayor of the town, and under his guidance, Dyrford soon began to prosper. He expelled the last of the Skaenites from the area and drew new settlers with the offer of land, a trick he had learned from someone he otherwise preferred to forget. With each passing day, Dyrford would come to more closely resemble the Gilded Vale of Eder's childhood - the one worthy of its name.



In PoE2 when import a savegame with that ending the game gives him this backstory instead:


His faith in Eothas renewed, Edér joins a secret Eothasian organization

Eder chose not to return home to Gilded Vale. Through a number of quiet inquiries, he soon found his way into the underground organization of Eothasians known as the Night Market.

Ironically, in learning that the gods had been fabricated, Eder found his faith in Eothas renewed, and that his god was neither alive nor truly a god had become irrelevant. He rose quickly through the ranks of the Night Market for his optimisim and for his bold leadership, his ultimate goal to make the Dyrwood a place that would welcome followers of the Shining God once again.



This is putting me off playing the game because I spent 200+ hours and multiple playthrough's to find the perfect (personal preference) import ahead of time and PoE2 is not recognizing my choices from that import and setting wrong/inaccurate flags. I am also concerned that if this one is being set wrongly by PoE2 then just how many more examples will crop up in a playthrough...but I am not willing to find out until this one is fixed either by patch or console/debug command. I should add I do not care about achievements so I don't care if using a debug command turns those off.

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Hello Dragoonlordz,


I know that they are working on it currently for a future patch, I beileve I have the variables to set to to move on correctly, but these may not be 100% accurate to what you want so please use with caution:


1) iroll20s in console command

2) setglobalvalue n_Eder_Faith_Axis 1

3) setglobalvalue b_Eder_Post_Standard_Dialogue_Complete 0


This is probably best done as soon as you finish the cabin scene and hit the beach.


Let me know if I can assist you further or if this appears to be in error.





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Possible warning, though? If iRoll20s is used, then all achievements for the entire game will be disabled, no? (For those who care about them?)

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Thanks. I found a temporary solution that also seems like might be working so far without achievements being affected but if my current method causes unforeseen problems later on that I haven't come across yet then I'll try your debug/console commands.


The solution I am currently using basically involved changing some text in the "21_cv_player_awakens.conversationbundle" file in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\conversations\21_prologue" folder then when started new game with PoE1 import this change created the right background for him including right necklace. Here is the changed file if someone who has same problem as me wants to download and replace the file on theirs (make backup before replace though to be on safe side).

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