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[gog] how to recognize install file part



So, i started downloading during the night and pc shut down while i was sleeping.


I tried to install the game using the exe file even though i was quite sure the downloaded files didnt finish the full download, installation goes on but at the end it gives me an error...


In the morning i put again all 7 install files from gog, some of which got the (1) mark on them...i tried to start the installation fom the download folder again, where there were both the original bin files and the ones with the (1) mark bit it still didnt work



Now i'm quite sure that the ones with the (1) mark should be "uncorrupted" files, but how can i install the game now? Should i rename them? Or just put them with the exe file in another folder?


I dont even know which file is which part since they all got the same bloody name...


Please halp

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Hello machiorita,


Sorry you're having installation issue. It appears that youre trying to do this on GoG, so are you just using the installer to load into a specified file path? If you can provide images of what you are experiencing, it may assist us trying to figure out this issue.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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