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game freezes after intro. Mac ran 1st game fine.

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I thought we were promised a game that would work on computers that were able to run the first game. I thought the system requirements were the same for both games. yet for some extremely sad and disappointing reason, every time I start a new game and get through the “walking through darkness on a path“ part, the game goes to a loading screen, shows the gauntlet cursor, then goes to the spinning Mac wheel thing that happens when something has frozen or crashed. it does not advance beyond this point. What do I have to do? I’ve turned all graphics settings off or down to the lowest value. I’ve restarted my computer. This Mac ran the first game perfectly fine, what the hell is going on here? Please don’t tell me I have to wait for the PS4 version...

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Hey deveroth,


Sincere apologies for the Mac issues! We have many reports of this issue as mentioned by ajwarz and have it as our top priorty to fix and are doing are best to get something out as quickly as possible so you can play. Please keep an eye out for a future update.





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I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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A lot of people are also experiencing this, and from what I see a lot of them are on Macbooks from this post:



Additionally, I am also having this problem and assume it's more of a bug issue, that they are likely working to fix, rather than poor performance from not meeting system requirements.

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