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  1. absolutely absurd the lack of communication and updates concerning the console release of POE2. what the **** is going on? it’s been so long i’ve lost track. any updates? release date? news? footage? ****ing ANYTHING?
  2. i’m really frustrated that whatever superfluous graphical bells and whistles obsidian added to deadfire makes the game basically unplayable on my 2013 iMac. supposedly the system requirements are the same, but yet whatever nonsense they’ve added, the game doesn’t run. nobody needed any graphical upgrade over the first game. nobody needed all the 3d elements onscreen. nobody needed everything to move and sway and have shadows. i’ve turned off every option, lowered resolution as low as i could before the text got blurry, all to no effect. with deadfire they’ve effectively cut off people whose computers were strong enough to play the games this series is based on. very disappointing to realize i’ll never be able to play a current or obsidian game until they come to consoles ever again. i’m sad.
  3. not yet there isn’t...just hang tight bro, they’ll put this patch out officially soon, i bet by tuesday. i’d suggest maybe getting a refund in the meantime if you’re unhappy but i don’t be know what the app store’s policy is
  4. i...i wasn’t expecting this so quickly. i thought we’d be waiting weeks. it seems to work so far, we’ll see if my machine can handle it, but i’ve so far gotten past the adra, where i’ve never been before. i don’t know what to say. i’m still disappointed this happened this way at all but in a years time if this thing still works none of us will remember these few days. man, i wish it was fixed before release, as i’m sure obsidian does. it certainly affects my desire to buy any of their products again on day one, but i’m happy it’s been fixed. thank you for your hard work.
  5. how does this fix the problem? buy a broken game, or steal a broken game, the game is still broken. if you wanna talk pirate bay, lets all get our refunds and when/if ever this is fixed, redownload it at that point from tpb.
  6. let’s keep it that way! we can’t let ip in voicing our displeasure with this; it’s how we wound up with a known broken game in the first place. there were no refunds for backers in the beta, so they didn’t give a ****. now that we’re taking our money back out of their pockets, all of a sudden they’re working on it. keep this topic hot as ****, guys.
  7. this is and should be a major blow to everyone’s faith in Obsidian. i thought we were past these days with this company, but no. they willingly and knowingly put out and accepted money for a broken game. they could have delayed the mac version until it was fixed; nobody would have been mad. but no. it was more important for them to release simultaneously across 3 OSs, broken or not, and see all those profits roll in at once. **** this bull****. we should all get our refunds now and wait until it’s fixed, then check these forums, before buying it again. and we should never buy an Obsidian product for Mac on day 1 again, because they’ve shown that giving us a functional product is less important than having our money ASAP. very, very, very disappointed in what was until this week my second favorite video game company. at least CDPR’s **** runs.
  8. yes it was delayed a month to eliminate bugs. yes we were all okay with that. what you’re not understanding is this: then why the **** are there still bugs??? why did obsidian take our money for a product that is broken in the same way it was broken for backers months ago? what exactly did they do in that month?
  9. literally dozens of the same people with the same problem. and apparently this problem was present in the backer beta. what the ever loving **** are they doing at obsidian? didn’t they delay the game an extra month or so to fix bugs? what is this ****? did they only fix bugs in the title screen?? and to make it clear, this is NOT just a macbook issue. i have a late 2013 iMac running high sierra. can’t believe we’re still in the “what OS are you using?”, information gathering phase of this **** when this problem clearly isn’t new and has been affecting people for months.
  10. The problem is isolated to MacBooks, I think. wrong. i have a iMac and have the same problem. seems like i said initially, they didn’thave a single tester touch the mac version beyond loading up the title screen and saying”It works! Ship it!”
  11. seriously what the ****...was this game not tested at all on mac? how can so many people have the same problem and yet obsidian still releases this ****?
  12. this is why i motherf****** hate computer gaming. you’re promised ****, and whooops! it just doesn’t work for no reason at all.
  13. I thought we were promised a game that would work on computers that were able to run the first game. I thought the system requirements were the same for both games. yet for some extremely sad and disappointing reason, every time I start a new game and get through the “walking through darkness on a path“ part, the game goes to a loading screen, shows the gauntlet cursor, then goes to the spinning Mac wheel thing that happens when something has frozen or crashed. it does not advance beyond this point. What do I have to do? I’ve turned all graphics settings off or down to the lowest value. I’ve restarted my computer. This Mac ran the first game perfectly fine, what the hell is going on here? Please don’t tell me I have to wait for the PS4 version...
  14. did you have a stroke before typing this? no idea what you're trying to say. i think you just said i have great intelligence?
  15. "immersion" is silly, unrealistic, and not something i look for on any level in any game. i get the feeling it's a generational thing somehow. i've NEVER been "immersed" in a game in over 25+ years of playing them. i'm always 100% aware i'm engaging with AI routines and 0s and 1s. my reality is too real to let a game EVER immerse me. i'd much rather have a game that gives me the information i need (say, a HUD) instead of some bull**** in-world "immersive" alternative. anyone ever play Grim Fandango? or that awful Alone in the Dark reboot? remember how you had to look in your coat in both games to see your inventory? that's "immersive" sure, but more time-consuming and demanding of the developers' efforts than just an inventory button and separate screen. **** "immersion". i play PoE with the container/NPC highlights on at all times. why? cause i want to know where **** is, i don't care about the fact that containers don't glow blue in real life. the best games are the ones that are fun to play and/or tell a great story. what exactly are you "immersion" people looking for? are you hoping to become unaware of your own surroundings? is this why VR is becoming a thing again?
  16. jeeeez guys. I appreciate the responses but not a single one of you actually answered the question. instead we got the age old "Well, actually, rogues are better at sneak attaching than backstabbing!" response. I KNOW. that wasn't my question. I want backstab to work with my playstyle, like it has in the past. I don't want to change my style. furthermore I'm not asking whether or not YOU think it's worth it; I do, so I'm asking how it works. I thought it was a simple question but really, no one seems to know the answer. I'm not trying to be a ****, but mention backstabbing on these boards and you get a lecture on sneak attacking instead of an actual answer. weird. does anyone know how high the stealth stat needs to be in order to reliably sneak up on and backstab enemies in WM2? and what determines how fast an enemy sees you? its perception stat?
  17. hey guys. i'm using a rogue as my main (second playthrough) and have just hit lvl 12, and i'm currently tackling WM2 before unlocking twin elms. so far i have 12 points in stealth, and a pistol that has +2 stealth when equipped. my problem is i can never seem to get close enough to pull off a backstab attack, either in melee or with the pistol. i used to be able to do it reliably; this was likely with the vanilla game's content though. somewhere i guess the expansion enemies got much more perceptive. either that or it's buggin out somehow. i think it's pretty ridiculous though that now i can't get a backstab off AT ALL, against any enemies. it's not like i'm rolling in ability points to drop into stealth either; having 12 points in it is already a LOT, and i suspect i'll finish the game with only 14-16. i'm pretty sure at some point earlier in the game i was noticing some enemies wouldn't spot me immediately where others might; there was some variance to enemies' perceptiveness. now, whether its a tentacle or a spider or kith, they ALWAYS see me. what is this based on? their perception stat? something else? how high must my stealth stat be in order to reliably land backstabs? 12 + 2 surely seemed like enough to me, but i guess not.
  18. while there was some great info in here, i f****** hated the interviewer the entire way through. from his opening line to presuming to know things about the game's development, it absolutely reeks of typical, RPG Codex idiocy. seriously, those guys are so entitled they can't even ask a series of questions without making that incredibly obvious.
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