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As the hype for Deadfire reaches its peak, I've decided to plan every last detail of my first main character, so I could dive in and start playing as quickly as possible once the game is finally out tonight. While doing so, I decided to also write a bit of a background for him, as a sort of guideline for roleplaying, especially as I decided to roll a Bleak Walker as one of my classes. I thought it would be fun to share it with you fine folks, and to read whatever ideas you come up with, to get in the mood for that precious first playthrough, and maybe to spark the creative juices for the next playthroughs. So without further ado, here is my planned Watcher for Deadfire.


Berric Strongarm


Race: Coastal Aumaua


Class: Barbarian (Berserker), Paladin (Bleak Walker)


Culture: The Living Lands


Background: Colonist


Skills: Alchemy, Intimidate, Survival


Attributes: 21 Might, high Intellect and Constitution, low Resolve


Berric is considered tall even amongst his fellow Aumaua, and freakishly strong. He fled his colony after killing his parents’ murderer in a fit of rage when he was 14. Running for his life from those he once considered friends has made him mistrustful of others, although he is fiercely loyal and protective of those he holds dear. He has since struggled to contain his rage, which has often led him to all sorts of trouble, and to drug abuse. Aggressive and sometimes cruel, Berric often sees violence as the most effective means to get the job done, and to put a meal in his belly.


Having been Awakened, he feels he is the victim of a cruel fate, forced to live with the memories of countless ancestors, many of which he despises. The side effects of his Awakening include sudden shifts of character, as his emotions are often influenced by the memories of other lives, which are not his. After learning the Gods were artificial constructs, Berric has grown cynical and bitter. The savagery with which they protected this secret and manipulated Kith societies has spurred him to match their ruthlessness, in the hopes of ultimately exacting his revenge upon them. This renewed focus has seen Berric hone his own brutal code, from which he draws supernatural power and endurance.


Berric has a soft spot for Pallegina, who has always been kind to him, despite his many flaws. He respects and values Eder’s companionship, although they often don’t see eye to eye. While he mistrusts Aloth, he often feels he is one of the few who can understand him, being Awakened as well.


Looking forward to reading what you guys come up with!

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Name: Leeroy "Happy Go Lucky" Jenkins


Race: Whatever my frenetic clicking allowed for


Class: Ditto


Culture: Click


Background: Click


Skills: Click, click


Attributes: Click, click, click *Yum, chicken* click, click, click


"Alright! Time's up, let's do this! Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins!"

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*** "The words of someone who feels ever more the ent among saplings when playing CRPGs" ***


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