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Now the season pass is not listed separately on my shelf - and no indication under the base game that I own it.

(But on the plus-side, the main game is downloading (just woke up here) - yay!


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yeah im a little confused on this as well. prity sure i backed enough like others above me. dont see it on my steam list of dlc or in my list in my accont page, strange. prity sure it was listed ages as all content for poe2. hmn well if i have to buy wotever from what i've played so far this game is great.

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To add to this, if you backed the DLC option you can generate a key for this via the backer portal now.

That's a relief.

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I pre-ordered the Obsidian Edition on GOG (says it came with the Season Pass).


It's not showing up in my GOG library that I own it. But I'm not really sure if it


should show up or not.  I know I have the Deadfire Explorer's Pack and it's in


my game (The Hat and Space Pig), but it also said I do not own this pack. In the


end I'm not really worried about this whole owning Season Pass thing too much.

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