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"The Wall" doesn't work correctly



The shield proficiency modal "The Wall" should give the Affliction "Immobilized" (see screenshot)

In the current state:
- the character can't move (as intended)
- but the character doesn't get -5 Dex
- also the afflication can not be downgraded to "Hobbled" (Woodelf with Dexterity Resistance)




Don't know if this is a bug or just bad naming.

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I assume that the shield modal should make you only unable to move but not give you an affliction.

The game automatically ceates a link when a text uses a word with a cyclopedia entry. Sometimes this can lead to links in positions where they should not be.

Maybe they should replace the word "immobilized" in the first image with another term that implies the same but does not have a link, like "unable to move".


I do not think that using a shield should lower your dex.

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As a Woodelf Fighter with the talent "Unstoppable" (2x Dexterity Resistance) you could completly negate this - so you would get no downsides. But I think you are right and it is not intended to be a "real" affliction.


Those affliction resistances don't stack, for some reason.


Granted, you'd think the UI would communicate such an exception to the game's stacking rules rather clearly—and you'd be mistaken...

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