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Sidekicks will have no banter

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Are DOS2 and POE2 really competting?

With cars you generally need 1 car, extra cars generate costs like inssurence or parking spot.

Extra single player game have some opportunity costs, but no subscribcion fee.

Unlike online games in SP you dont care about online playerbase.

Single Player games could be more like Tirramisu icecream. If you bought one, there is a chance you will buy more in future.

It could be interesting in perspective of the future of SP games in general. You risk less with SP games.

I can understand direct competition if both games are released within a close enough date to one another since that likely implies that, at least initially, most players will likely opt for one game to play or purchase if they can't do both (even if they could later on)... But it's been months since Divinity: Original Sin 2 came out, so that already doesn't apply. Moreover, I agree with the above and have always thought of the above assumption to be really strange, considering I've heard many more people claiming they'd like to see *more* like whatever artistic products they've consumed and loved more so than feeling one rendered all others obsolete. No doubt people into the IE games want *more* games like the IE games, not less - likewise people who are really into Pillars or D:OS would likely want more like eachother. To use yet another example, upon watching a film like The Godfather I don't assume all crime sagas are in turn made obsolete - I won't all of a sudden assume something like Goodfellas won't have anything to offer to me. Chances are I'll want to check it out all the more.


I would reckon that if there is any competition as such it's more along the lines of "we have to be the leading RPG series, and right now this other is claiming the throne", but that doesn't mean you'll do things like the other: when Josh said something along the lines of "seeing the D:OS 2 reviews lights a fire under us", he probably didn't mean "we have to be like D:OS 2" but rather "we must work harder on what we have to deliver an even better game". I.e. moral inspiration more so than direct artistic influence (though hey, there's likely a bit of the latter too but that's just normal whenever you play some other game, look at what they offer and consider that this aspect or that might be a neat idea you didn't think of for your personal project).

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