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Good day guys, 


I guess I may have been miss informed.

I pre-ordered yesterday morning in hopes I could of got into beta last night and played a bit.


Am I misstaken and in fact you can not get into beta any longer?


Or am I just missing something..




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Thanks @bleedthefreak


Yhea I must of read it wrong somewhere, I was under the impression when you pre-ordered you got into the beta. 


I pre-ordered, and didn't see a beta code or option anywhere..

My advice is to forget about the beta and sit tight for the release coming in a couple of weeks (the beta is just a small slice of the game and being so close to the final release, jumping into the beta at this point isn't that big of a deal).

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I'll do it, for a turnip.


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Pre-ordering has never given beta access. Even backing didn't guarantee it (you had to back at a high enough tier or pay extra for beta access).


As others have said, you're not missing much. The beta isn't the full, incomplete game: it's a tiny slice of the game designed to allow players to test combat and mechanics. 

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You had to back a high enough tier or pay $20 extra in order to gain beta access.


Release of the final game is May 8th and the beta is only a small slice of the game (also levels are restricted from 6 to 9) that also is some versions behind the actual game.


Paying $20 for the beta now would be a complete waste of money. You'll have to beta-test a lot after release anyway - until the product is porperly balanced and the most annoyong bugs are squished. ;)

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Thanks guys, 


I just had the day off, of work and it sounded like a way of using the day. Which was the main reason I pre-ordered. 

Again I must of read it wrong somewhere...


Thanks for all the feed back.


After 15hr days for 4 months, it would of been nice to unwind with a new game.

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