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  1. Just another note: On the main login screen, you can see to the bottom left that DLCs are installed. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  2. Why would you say they are beta saves. I uninstall beta before installing the new one. And started fresh, Also I don't think beta had the DLC pack first of all I'm realy stumped a tthe moment on how to load a game on my iMac, Works fine on my macbook pro. Its able to save / load fine. But thouse same saves I can see on my iMac just can't select says "DLC missing"
  3. Good day Guys, Let me start by saying, I'm loving the game thus far. I have been playing on my Macbook Pro, I've had very little time to play so squeezing it in there. Game is over Steam I went to go play on my big computer 5k iMac. And for some reason, steam shows that DLC are installed. However, in the games load screen, it shows "Missing DLC". How do I fix this? I've included screenshots I've also tried unchecking the DLC's in steam shutting it down the starting and putting it back. Which, didn't seem to make a difference. I've also tried the validate ga
  4. Thanks guys, I just had the day off, of work and it sounded like a way of using the day. Which was the main reason I pre-ordered. Again I must of read it wrong somewhere... Thanks for all the feed back. After 15hr days for 4 months, it would of been nice to unwind with a new game.
  5. Thanks @bleedthefreak Yhea I must of read it wrong somewhere, I was under the impression when you pre-ordered you got into the beta. I pre-ordered, and didn't see a beta code or option anywhere..
  6. Good day guys, I guess I may have been miss informed. I pre-ordered yesterday morning in hopes I could of got into beta last night and played a bit. Am I misstaken and in fact you can not get into beta any longer? Or am I just missing something.. Thanks.
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