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ai behavior wishes and petitions


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I was checking the ai behaviors and found some missing options that i think will improve it.


Actually i can check if i have some inspiration but not for specific effects,this makes it hard to make a "buff yourself with this if the effect is not active" for example with spirit shield or arcane veil.


You can add the action set with a cd and fix that cd at the duration of the effect, but an option like " only if not active" will be helpfull.   



Other nice upgrade would be if conditionals, and actions had a search bar so we could filter and so on.



PD: of course having the ability to run scripts (python or something like that) would be even better

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Yeah the whole AI customization is supposed to help players who don't want to get overwhelmed by micromanagement in combat but right now the UI is so daunting that it's more overwhelming than combat.


I also wish that characters set to auto-attack would stop having moral quandaries in the heat of battle and just stare blankly at their foe, doing nothing.

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